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If you have not been to Brough Market then this is has to be added to your London itinerary pronto! Below I will give you a Borough Market guide covering the many beautiful Borough Market stalls with delicious food from around the world…It’s not every weekend that I would wake up with the sole intention of leaving the flat just to eat breakfast outside.


This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my niece. In an attempt to put a little effort into breakfast in the morning, I convinced my boyfriend and my teen niece to get out early and head out for a Borough Market Breakfast.


If you are visiting London, Borough Market has to be up there on the list next to Big Ben, London Eye, River Thames Cruises, and Tower Bridge. Below is everything you need to know about Borough Market food, restaurants, bars and coffees tops in the area in addition to where to stay and nearest tube station to Borough Market.



Best Time To Go To Borough Market

Well if it’s breakfast your want then the best time to go to Borough I have found it around 10am by then things are in full swing. Our visit, was a bright day and surprisingly dry considering the weather lately. The moment you walk past the entrance your senses are delighted as you are taken on a journey.
Our first stop on the tour of Borough market stalls was at the Croatian stall that had the most fragrant cured meats. Then walking by you are hit by the fresh smell of baked bread. From olive bread to croissants to the stacked mountain of brownies that I was tempted to dive on.


It wasn’t even 11am and the place was already busy with shoppers and sellers. Considering its only around the corner from me, it’s a shame I don’t go to the market more often. I guess I take it for granted living nearby with much of the beautiful sights in London tourists always ooh and ahh about. You still have plenty of posts on London to check out if you need further inspiration.


Past that stall, I couldn’t help but start off with a freshly pressed apple and carrot juice as the juices were lined up in full rainbow effect. Each time I come here I automatically get myself into tourist mode, I cannot help but fall in love with London each time I take visits to the lovely markets as it sends me on a sampling frenzy. By this time my niece and the boyfriend had already bagged breakfast while we were still shimmying around the busy market. I only had one thing on my mind and wasn’t going to settle for anything less.




Borough Market Must Eats & Some Of The Best Breakfast At Borough Market


All I wanted was for my mouth to meet a tasty, hot and juicy sausage and bacon roll and there was only one spot I knew that knows how to make just how I like it! The Northfield Kitchen of course. They are known for the best breakfast at Borough Market. Following a short stroll near the green market of Borough Market and I had my eyes on my prize.


After walking around and looking at food all around the market I had worked up an appetite and was a little hungry, so my apologies for not taking photos of it because I woofed that sucker down like I was getting paid to do it.


The beauty of Borough Market is that the stalls offer food from all corners of the globe. So you are in the mood for a Borough Market cheese toastie then your will be over the moon as there are plenty of cheeses to choose from. When it comes to what to eat in Borough Market the only question is what country do feel like travelling to? You can explore the world through food all in the Borough Market stalls


Our next place to visit was coffee at Monmouth. Now, I love my coffee but I certainly don’t like to queue around the corner just to get it. That’s what you get when visiting Monmouth on a Saturday morning. The coffee is freshly ground right here and you get to pick from Colombia’s finest blends. At the cost of queuing up in a line that was circling the coffee shop plus a few pounds.


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Borough Market Guide | Borough Market Stalls

Walking around the market whilst spotting the glimmering Shard peering through the roof openings of the market in what is now a blend of old meets new you can see tourists and locals combine into one cosmopolitan blend of what now beautifully represents London. All strolling around taking in the scents of all that is on offer from the sellers at Borough Market.


Almost every country is represented here. From American cheesecakes good enough to trick a New Yorker into believing they were tasting Brooklyn finest sweet stuff, to Parisian macaroons in the sweetest colours, Turkish patisseries, Israelis humus severed with warm flatbreads, Arabic sweets, the tantalising smell of Spanish paella being cooked in massive pans and you obviously cannot miss out on the full English.


Borough Market food from all corners of the globe. One of my favourite things to do when I travel makes the effort to see the local markets, its the best way to soak up on new culture and eat your way through it. So going to markets in London is great to take my senses on a journey without jetting off to another country.


Allowing myself to fully get lost in it, I somehow manage to discover something I never thought I would find. Luckily, this time I also had my camera to capture some of the market’s offerings. Be sure to check out Bread Ahead Doughnuts, they also run workshops showing you how to make them, bake Italian bread and many other treats.




When is Borough Market open? Borough Market Opening Times


Borough Market is Open Monday to Saturday. It’s closed on public holidays. Below I have put details of trading. On Mondays and Tuesdays not all of the traders are open so this is a ‘limited market’ but still plenty available. Then Wednesdays to Saturdays its a full market with all stalls open.

Monday 10:00 – 17:00 Limited Market
Tuesday 10:00 – 17:00 Limited Market
Wednesday 10:00 – 17:00 Full Market
Thursday 10:00 – 17:00 Full Market
Friday 10:00 – 18:00 Full Market
Saturday 08:00 – 17:00 Full Market



Borough Market Coffee


As I mentioned above you have Monmouth Coffee next to Borough Market, you also have many cafes nearby from Starbucks, Pret-A-Manger and local cafes serving a variety of blends including a few more on the stalls within the market. Monmouth Coffee arrived at Borough Market in the late 1900s and has been a key feature at the market.
With a variety of coffees on the menu, you can just imagine the queues on a weekend morning in Borough Market. If it’s raining you have plenty of other coffee shops nearby to shield you from the rain. If you want to pick up some gifts from Borough Market, the amazing coffee sold here can also be taken away as a gift in addition to many other items in the markets, from vegan cheese to good old fabulous Borough market cheeses from all around the world.



Where To Eat In Borough Market | Borough Market Restaurants and Cafes To Check Out

I have covered a detailed guide to the best restaurants in Borough Market in addition to the coolest Borough Market bars.


Enjoy a traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings, including pork belly with mashed potato and Bramley apple sauce, Welsh lamb leg with girolles and rare roast beef with Yorkshires and roast potatoes in beef dripping. This place is perfect for not just your Sunday Roast but also a perfect spot of breakfast meeting with friends and family. The Floral Hall, Stoney Street, Borough Market SE1

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The food at Elliot’s cafe is cooked over a wood-fired grill, respecting the simplicity of this method encourages focus on the ingredient being cooked with it and the flavours that can develop as a result. They have beautifully flavourful burgers and delicious Barnsley chops. Elliot’s Café, 12 Stoney Street, Borough



The original Wright Brothers restaurant, situated on the edge of Borough Market. Serving up classic seafood dishes and oyster platters from the open kitchen.  Wright Brothers, 11 Stoney Street, Borough Market, London.



There’s no better place to indulge your pasta fix than Padella – London’s popular Italian eatery, and winner of Observer Food Monthly’s ‘Best Cheap Eats’. It’s just outside the market and there is a usually a queue but the food is well worth it. 6 Southwark Street, Southwark SE1 1TQ.



Located in the heart of Borough Market, Brindisa offers a range of delicious Spanish food with something to satisfy all lovers of Spanish gastronomy. Brindisa, 18-20 Southwark Street, London Bridge.



Maria Moruzzi serves the best full English breakfasts to stallholders and visitors alike at her café in the middle of the market’s Three Crown Square. Maria Moruzzi, a true Borough Market stalwart. Her parents opened Borough Cafe on Park Street in 1961. Maria began working there as a seven-year-old and eventually took over running the place. She has been part of the fabric of Borough Market ever since.


At Maria’s Market Cafe, her bubble and squeak, hearty breakfasts and strong tea have been served up to everyone from market porters to Hollywood film stars. Maria’s Market Café, The Market Porter, 9 Stoney Street, Borough Market, London



A British steakhouse and cocktail bar chain. The original establishment is in Spitalfields, near to where the architect Nicholas Hawksmoor built Christ Church. Subsequently, there are four other restaurants in London: in Seven Dials, Air Street near. Hawksmoor has finally brought its winning steaks and cocktails combo to a warehouse space around the back of the market. And it’s all very delicious! Hawksmoor Borough, 16 Winchester Walk, London Bridge, London.



Where is the nearest Underground train station?  – Borough Market Nearest Tube


London Bridge is on the Northern and Jubilee line is the nearest tube underground to Borough Market. You also have Bank and Monument on the Circle and District line just a short walk to the market. Borough Station on Northern line (Bank branch) is also a short walk to Borough market.


Essentially you have London Bridge station in the middle and you have Monument/Bank station and Borough station on either side of London Bridge Station. So depending on where you are coming from either of those stations are fine and it’s a short walk. So don’t be tempted into thinking about changing stations so you can come out of London bridge is quicker. It may be quicker to actually walk from the other stations.

Borough Market Map




Food Tours Taking You Around Borough Market and Other London Markets


London has so many great markets, from Brick Lane market to Petticoat Lane market the popular and unmissable Portobello Road Market and Camden Market so when you are in London, exploring one of a couple of markets has to be high on the agenda. Each of the markets is known for various things. I will hopefully do a post on London markets you need to visit. There are tours in London that will take you through a couple of markets and some even include food tasting.



What To Eat In Borough Market 


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If you are a foodie then you will be in heaven when you visit the market. Borough Market food is simply the world on a plate. Most of the stalls in Borough Market are made up of flavours from around the world and family recipes pass down to generations who are now sharing with Borough Market visitors. You have Khanom Krok who do authentic Thai street food. This is a husband and wife team whose family have been making street Khanom Krok in dimpled pans for years.


Taste the flavours of Bangkok when you visit there stall. Then there is Mountain’s Boston Sausage which is all things Lincolnshire sausage, Scotchtails does the scotch eggs served in a cool box and accompanied by veg and chips, check out Koshari Street for Egyptian street food and Ethiopian Flavours Gujarati Rasoi for amazing vegetarian food from India.


Also, don’t forget to check out Ethiopian food. I have found that when you go to Borough Market you need to arm yourself with a little plan of what food to check out. Make sure you check out the list of Borough Market stalls


Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! Dont leave without checking out Borough Market Chocolate. Chocolicious has amazing truffles and chocolates. Comptoir Gourmand has French-style cakes and pastries. Then you have Gelateria 3Bis which I am addicted to. This traditional Italian gelato on steroids! Well not literally on steroids but it is SOO good! For more details check out our post on best cakes in Borough Market as well as where to get the best gelato in the market.


You also have the Free From Bakehouse that does gluten, wheat and dairy free cakes and pastries at Borough Market. I think I just remembered why I don’t go to the market. All this food its just too good it’s freaking scaring my hips. Oh well once you are done with the market you can walk off the food along the nearby Thames Path which comes with many a view and many  London tourist attractions.


You also have Borough Market vegetarian restaurants and stalls if you dont eat meat. There is something for everyone.





Borough Market Bars To Check Out In The Evening

As you have London city sleekers nearby, Borough Market comes alive in the evening when people working in the city offices come out to play. Borough Market has pubs and bars dotted around that in the evening the whole area is buzzing with what I call suits and cocktails. Check out Bedales a wine bar and shop, The Rake Bar does specialty beers and The Globe Tavern is a modern British gastropub.



Staying Locally | Hotels Near Borough Market

There are plenty of hotels near Borough Market. If you are big on luxury then the Shangri La at the Shard is perfect and only a few meters from Borough Market. You also have Hilton Bankside and Holiday Inn Express in Southwark only a 10-minute walk from Borough Market. You also have Citizen M which is super cute! The other bouns of these hotels is how close to Tate Modern, St Pauls Cathedral, Tower Castel, Tower Bridge, which are all attractions at your doorstep and only a short walk. If you want budget accommodation.


You also have Dover Castle Hostel and St Christopher’s Inn Village both of which are a few steps from Borough Market. In central London with many tourist attractions on their doorstep without spending an arm and leg for a bed to sleep on. For more on a budget, accommodation check out my post on  London’s best hostels which also gives you details of attractions close to them to help you decide which one to chose based on your itinerary in the city. For more, you can search below for deals.






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  1. I'm really envious of market culture in Europe. I plan on exploring lots of them during our upcoming travels throughout Europe next month. Borough Market food is definitely going on my London itinerary. It's great that you continue to explore your own backyard. I love backyard travel – I always discover something new!

    1. Yep and this year is all about exploring my own backyard. Awesome news about your European trip and Borough Market food is definitely a must when you visit London. Can’t wait to read all about it.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, there are a couple of stalls in Borough Market with Indian food. So you will definitely be able to indulge your senses with fragrant and beautifully season food.

    1. Aww man, I definitely need to go back for the grilled cheese in Borough Market that is THE place to hand out for food in London. Seriously salivating now.

    1. Hi Sandra, dont worry there are plenty of options for vegetarians. A lot of the Borough Market restaurants also tend to do options of vegetarian food on the menu. Many of the places to eat in Borough Market and this includes the street food stalls in Borough Market will have a vegetarian and vegan option too. So you will be fine. And no, Borough Market doesnt open on Sundays.

  2. What beautiful photos! I'm hungry now. I only visited Borough market when I was in London and I definitely enjoyed it. I wish I had more time to explore the other markets in London. Hey do you know if there is wine tasting in Borough Market?

    1. This is why I went there on an empty tunk because I knew I wouldnt be able to resist temptation from all the great food on display there. With so much great food its always difficult to decide what to eat in Borough Market. Regarding your questions on Borough Market wine tasting. Yes, there are plenty of restaurants and wine shops in Borough Market that have wine tasting. You can also do this via some of the Borough Market tours too.

  3. I used to completely take this place for granted. You have no idea how much I miss it (and all of that amazing food!)… Thanks so much for the happy memories! 🙂 The Borough Market roast was my absolute favourite.

    1. Hey Valentina. Besides the food in Borough market, you can definitely buy some goodies to take back home from your travels. You have Borough Market olive oil, Borough Market spices, Borough Market cookbook as well as kitchen accessories that you can buy on many of the stalls in Borough Market. Just explore, I am sure you will find something to take with your as a reminder of your travels.

  4. Hi Bee,

    OMG I love your post and your pictures!! I am visiting London with friends for the first time. Do your know if Borough market has plenty of options for breakfast? Also, do you know if they do a lot of Italian food in Borough Market?

    1. Raidst,

      Borough Market breakfast was the reason for our visit on this occasion. Yes, there are endless options when it comes to Borough market breakfast and food in general. As for Italian food in Borough Market, there are stalls there are Italian restaurants in the market and around London Bridget itself so you will find something to quench your Italian food thirst.

  5. Thank your for such a detailed post but wanted to ask a random question but considering you are local, I thought you may be able to answer this. Do you know if Borough Market halal food is available?

    1. Hi Salima.

      Yes, there are a couple of Indian food stalls that actually do halal food in Borough Market. As for the rest of the stalls in Borough Market, your other option would be for the vegetarian food in Borough Market, of which there is plenty so ther will definitely be something you can eat I can assure you.

  6. Oh my goodness. Thanks you so much for this post. I have Borough Market on my list of places to visit in London and I have been looking for a post with directions to Borough Market. Thank you for providing such a detailed post. Can you recommend please, some places to eat in Borough Market and any specific food to eat?

    1. Hi William,

      Well you are in for a treat. There is plenty to choose from. From the traditional Borough Market fish and chips, the popular Borough Market grilled cheese sandwich, you can also do brunch and afternoon tea in Borough Market now. You can also get a taste of everything with a Borough Market food tour. The choices are endless really. You are a lover of street food or food, in general, you will love Borough Market food.

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