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Are you visiting London? Or perhaps you are a local to Notting Hill area and are looking for something fun and different to occupy your time.

Either way, Notting Hill is one of the most beautiful parts of London and there is no shortage of cool things to do in the area.

Of course, Notting Hill is most famous for being the focus of the movie by the same name. Taking a relaxed walk around the area, you will be able to see exactly why the movie directors chose this gorgeous location for the film.

In addition to being famous for Notting Hill (the movie), the area is also brimming with unique bars, cool gastro pubs, restaurants, cafes, excellent shopping and cultural activities. This means that whatever you are interested in, you should be able to find something exciting to do.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best things to see in Notting Hill…


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Places To Visit And What To See In Notting Hill


Guide to cool and fun thing to do in Notting Hill. From the instagrammable St Lukes Mews, Portobello Market, colourful houses, pubs, Notting Hill blue door, Electric Cinemas and many more cool must sees and must dos in Notting Hill London.
Westbourne Grove


1. The Iconic Westbourne Grove

Looking for a night on the town? Or maybe you simply want to enjoy some fine dining in Notting Hill. The good news is that you are spoiled for choice and we recommend heading out to Westbourne Grove which has literally dozens of top rated restaurants, pubs and bars.

Generally speaking, there is a triangular area around Colville Road and this is where you will find where the all the action is.

Factor in a few hours before (or after) your meal so that you have plenty of time to browse Westbourne Grove’s pretty little flower shops, elegant boutiques, quaint bookshops and other unique shops selling exquisite merchandise.

Westbourne Grove is a treat for the senses: with its smell of freshly cut flowers, brewing coffee from the nearby cafes and smell of haute cuisine emanating from the restaurants, it is truly an experience to savor!

If you want to make a morning or afternoon excursion in the Westbourne Grove area, it is always a great idea to have a meander through the many shops, boutiques and cafes. When you start to feel hungry, go into a cafe or restaurant and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing lunch or dinner.

There is a special ambiance in the area and as you slowly walk around, you will really feel it!

In terms of the best restaurants in Westbourne Grove, this is always a difficult choice, but locals swear by Ottolenghi, Daylesford (which serves traditional British food with a twist) and Granger & Co serving one-of-a-kind Australian food.


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2. Portobello Road Market

You cannot leave the Notting Hill area without visiting the world-famous Portobello Road Market!

The Portobello Road Market is actually the world’s biggest antiques market and you can find a wide array of different antiques here: from fine bone china and vintage clothing, to exquisitely crafted furniture and jewelry.

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If you love antiques, or if you simply love finding a good bargain, you definitely must browse around the Portobello Road Market!

Each stall at this unique market sells their own variety of antiques and you can pick up a first edition book, some old spectacles or even a signed vinyl record!

It is easy to spend at least 3 hours browsing around this iconic market as there is just so much to see.

For those who don’t enjoy crowds, the Portobello Road Market does naturally get a bit crowded over the weekends. It is therefore a better idea to head there during the week when you will have much more space to move around. Alternatively, you could come early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when things are much quieter.


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3. Bar And Pub Hopping In Notting Hill

One thing’s for sure about Notting Hill: there is no shortage or pubs and bars and if you’re finding it difficult to choose one, why not go bar or pub hopping and sample a little bit of everything?

Many of the local Notting Hill residents enjoy Trailer Happiness which has a lovely, hipster decor. If you love a good cocktail, then Portobello Star would definitely be the best option for you.

For a classic British pub experience, you can’t go wrong with The Walmer Castle which serves all the pub food staples that you would expect, in addition to some tasty Thai dishes. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

For no-nonsense, British pub food, we recommend heading over The Cow, or even The Oak.

At the end of the day, whichever choice you make, it will be a good one as Notting Hill is notorious for its fine dining.


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4. Explore Notting Hill’s Colorful Houses

Sightseeing in Notting Hills doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are plenty of things to see in Notting Hill that are completely free of charge.

Spending a few peaceful hours and strolling around Notting Hill (on Lancaster Road, to be exact) is a thoroughly delightful idea for a walk. This road is famous for its impossibly pretty and colorful houses. Chepstow Villas is another great street to view this beautiful concept, although the houses on this road are in subtler and more pastel colors (but still just as gorgeous).

Admire row upon row of different colored homes that make for Instagram worthy photographs that look like they are from a postcard!

You could end your walk by strolling down Lonsdale Road and then Westbourne Grove which also have cheerfully painted homes in every color imaginable.

When it comes to London beauty, Notting Hill definitely comes out tops and their array of rainbow colored homes certainly plays a role. Make sure you take plenty of photos, though, so that you can capture these wonderful memories for good!

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5. Notting Hill Carnival

Taking place every August, the Notting Hill Carnival is something not to be missed. If you happen to be in the Notting Hill area over August, you absolutely have to attend this amazing spectacular!

Notting Hill has a wonderful and rich Caribbean heritage and the Notting Hill Carnival plays homage to this. During this time, the streets close to make way for the carnival and celebrations and local residents and visitors come together to celebrate as one.

This amazing event is a great time to sample some of the best Caribbean cuisine around, listen to excellent music and dance in the streets. It is culturally rich and people from all over the world come to take part.

We recommend getting into the spirit of the carnival by wearing Caribbean themed clothes and trying to make the most out of this one-of-a-kind festival.

It does get crowded but the party spirit is so positive and all-embracing that you will swept up in it. This is definitely something that you will remember for the rest of your life!


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6. Check Out Instagrammable Mews Of Notting Hill

London is lesser known for its collection of ancient mews. Arguably the best mews in the city of London can be found in Notting Hill. Head over to St Luke’s Mews (which is the most popular one) and feel like you are being taken back in time. With the narrow, cobblestoned street, prettily painted doors and the iconic pink houses, you will have plenty to admire.

Another great idea for a walk in the mews is to take a stroll down Colville Mews which is just as beautiful. Here, you can wander in and out of the little shops and boutiques, have a coffee and admire the quaint homes lining the mews.

If you really want to make a day of it, you could also include looking at Simon Close and Pencombe Mews as they are also well worth your time.


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7. Visit Independent Bookshops

One of the many things that Notting Hill is famous for is its preponderance of book shops. If you are an avid reader, or if you simply like browsing in book shops, you will be spoiled for choice in Notting Hill!

Notting Hill is actually the area in London that has the most bookshops per capita than any where else in the city. We recommend having a peek into The Notting Hill Bookshop, Books for Cooks, as well as Lutyens & Rubinstein to get a good feel for the area’s book shop vibe. End your visit off with some great coffee at a nearby cafe and you have spent a wonderful few hours.


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8. Cafes And Restaurants

Even if you have only been in the Notting Hill area for a few hours, you will definitely notice the wide range of restaurants and cafes available.

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Eating out in Notting Hill is an amazing experience and if you would like to experience the creme de la creme, we recommend heading to one of the mews, where you will find some of the best cafes and restaurants around.

Whether you are looking for a delicious Italian dish, some traditional British food, fusion or something entirely different, chances are you will find it in Notting Hill and walk away impressed!

So, why not enjoy a unique rose latte at the famous Farm Girl restaurant or choose Osteria Basilico for a great vibe.


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9. Visit The House From The Notting Hill Movie 

Loved the movie and now want to relive the scene from the 1999 Notting Hill movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant? You can check out the famous blue door of Hugh Grant’s characters’ home. You can find this place by heading to 280 Westbourne Park Road.


The blue door from Notting Hill Movie 280 Westbourne Park Road
The blue door from Notting Hill Movie


10. Have A Romantic Movie Night At Electric Cinema

One of the oldest theatres in London and dare we say most romantic too. Enjoy a movie with friends or significant other while lounging on a comfortable sofa. Order a glass of wine and some snacks, kick your shoes off and snuggle up on the larger than life movie lounge sofas.


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Where To Stay In Notting Hill

There are endless options for where to stay in Notting Hill and nearby. We have covered this on the site on cool Airbnbs in Notting Hill, amazing hotels near Notting Hill Carnival as well as the best hotels in Kensington.



Where Is Notting Hill / What Part Of London Is Notting Hill In?

Notting Hill is located within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Notting Hill is located West London and is a very well known and affluent neighbourhood.

It plays host to the Notting Hill Carnival, where you will find Portobello Road and has been famous for a long time now with its association with artists and creatives since the 1870s. Its also famous for its colourful terraces of Victorian townhouses, high-end shopping and trendy places to eat.


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How To Get To Notting Hill? How Far Is Notting Hill From Central London


Notting Hill is easily accessible via Notting Hill Gate Station, Westbourne Park Station and Ladbroke Grove Station. If you are exploring Kensington you can also easily walk from High Street Kensington Station, South Kensington, and many other cool places within the borough.


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More On Notting Hill:


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