Best Italian Restaurants In Notting Hill to Feast on Italy’s Specialties and Delicacies

best italian restaurants in notting hill


Food is one of the profound manifestations of a culture. It depicts their local culture and reflects ideas about the people’s history, tradition and economy.

Food and wine are a major portion of the travel experience for everyone. It is one of those things that people must look forward to on their travels abroad. 

People are generally inclined toward Italian food. They cherish finding new and fascinating versions of the several regional treats a place has to offer.

The dining tradition of London meets modern dishes in Notting Hill. Below we have the perfect list of Italian restaurants in Notting Hill that you need to check out at least once!

The interiors are great to keep the fashionistas flocking. Notting Hill Gate is in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, a region in central London that is filled with colourful homes that are worth coming to check in their own accord.

The area got its name from the prior usage of the main street as a toll gate.

What are you waiting for? Dive into the scrumptious menu packed with great pizzas and flame-fired pasta along with an excellent range of labels on the wine display. 


best italian notting hill


List Of Italian Restaurants In Notting Hill With The Most Iconic Food

Notting Hill is well known for its carnival in addition to cool spots for breakfast and brunch, you could simply spend your whole days where as there are plenty of cool things to do in Notting Hill.

From amazing Notting Hill pubs nearby to feasting through deliciously doughy baked goods to hunting for bargains on Portobello Road just people watching in quite cafes or tacking into delicious Italian food.


The restaurants at Notting Hill have undergone years of changes while maintaining fine Italian tradition through their tasty food and impressive menu. Comfort and spacious areas are what define the restaurant with a buzz of activity surrounding it.

When it comes to ingredients, their tomato sauce is San Marzano. It grows only in the volcanic area of Campania. The quality of their ingredients is a direct reflection of their commitment and passion to make London’s finest-tasting pizzas. 

The flour that is used in the preparation of food is stone crushed. It is the secret to their fluffy, light, and tasty dough. It also adds tremendously to its several health benefits with easy digestibility. 

The crust of the pizza is very different. Cinquecento (500) ignites from the temperature of the Neapolitan oven. It is used to make the textures and indulgent flavors of the famous Neapolitan pizza dough.

Their daily kneaded dough is nicely prepared by their Pizzaiolos. It is left for 48 hours to rise and form light and fluffy dough. They operate on a walk-in basis and make reservations for 6+ people. 

Address: 233 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LT



Established in 1999, Saporitalia truly reflects the owner’s passion for food and love for Neapolitan culture. The restaurant has been oozing with the Italian atmosphere, smell, sound, and flavors of Naples.

Their personnel, food, and the entire restaurant are all set to make you feel immersed in the richest Italian culture in Notting Hill. 

Address: 271 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LR


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best italian restaurants london


Essenza is a small Italian restaurant with a contemporary and stylish interior, situated in the heart of Notting Hill Gate, London.

Owing to the popularity and crowd that visits the restaurant; they have also expanded their outside seating capacity and formed a covered terrace. They also have arrangements for outside heating for customers’ convenience.

The wood grain paneling, mandarin-colored banquettes, the beautifully backlit bar, and candlelight tables make it elegant without being overly designer. Essenza Ristorante Italiano is now fully open.

Their menu has dishes from almost all the regions of Italy. They select the most flavorful recipes that accentuated their seasonal offerings. They choose ingredients from Italy whenever possible. This makes it possible to create tasty, fresh, tasty, and nicely presented food as if they were in Italy.

The wines are selected to complement the cuisine in their food menu and are picked from most areas throughout Italy.

They hold pride in being the sister restaurant of Mediterraneo Cucina Italiana and Osteria Basilico, both big established Italian restaurants also situated in Kensington.

Essenza is a casual restaurant with an informal setting without any dress code. Children are also welcome. They have a special menu for children. Their weekend lunch is best for having quality time with your family.

Address: 210 Kensington Park Rd, London, W11 1NR –



Standing just off the famous Portobello Market, Mediterraneo restaurant is an excellent link to the local institutions and tourist hubs. Their menu centers on traditional Italian dishes like linguine, parmigiana di melanzane, and arrabbiata sauce.

If you want a good value meal, try to book your lunch at £15.50 for two courses (Monday to Friday). As the location is quite busy, make sure you book before visiting it.

Address: 37 Kensington Park Rd, London W11 2EU 


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Ci Tua Osteria Romana provides authentic Roman cuisine across London. The food is made with love by using top-notch Italian quality products.

Their dishes are prepared by chefs who are very passionate about conventional Italian food. They are improving the way of preparing pizza adopting their artisanal Roman roots with their visionary principle: Quality without compromise.

They only use natural and fresh ingredients which are locally available in London. Specific Italian desserts and ingredients are sourced from Italy, specifically from Rome.

Address: 140 Portobello Rd, London W11 2DZ 




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Osteria Napoletana shares the local, lesser-known dishes of Reitano’s origin with its diners. It has a classic Neopolitan menu and a complimentary Italian wine List.

It is a sister restaurant to the grand Osteria Romana in Knightsbridge, noticed for its simple and easy-to-cook dishes that glorify Roman produce and food history, 

Situated on Kensington Park Road, Osteria Napoletana supports the local farmers of Naples. The farmers’ yield will stock the larders of the Osteria to create Antica Cucina recipes such as Linguine all Nerano. It is linguine pasta that has lightly fried courgette slices with Amalfi Coast’s parmesan cheese.

Other great dishes of Osteria Napoletana include Basilico e Parmigiano and Montanare Pomodoro. Basilico e Parmigiano is small fired pizzas that are prepared by using Zizzona di Battipaglia, the holy trinity of rural, Neopolitan ingredients.

It is a classic big mozzarella direct from Salerno which is amongst the most valuable centers of Italian mozzarella production.

Address: 186 Kensington Park Road ES W11 2ES



You will love it here! Order your favorite margarita pizza, lasagne, carbonara, and rocket salad. All of it was simply fantastic. They have the best pizza dough, absolutely pleasing.

You will get lovely service with lots of regulars in the restaurant and there’s a reason why one would definitely come back.

Address: 290 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2PS 




Located in the center of Notting Hill, Chucs Westbourne Grove boasts a light-flooded bar, and two big dining rooms planned by Peter Mikic. They also have a discreet garden terrace.

It is a sister concept to the Chucs, a swimwear brand founded by Charles Finch in the 1950s on Mayfair’s Dover Street. A boutique 18-cover restaurant, Chucs is constructed like a luxurious yacht, with its flawlessly polished brass rails and blond wooden paneling, along with vintage images of the Cinque Terre & Amalfi adorning the walls.

Address: 226 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH 



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A successful Italian restaurant is now a favorite hub for locals and tourists in Notting Hill. The owner has tried to make every customer feel pleasant and part of their Da Maria family.

They are not just motivated to feed the diners but transform the meal into an ideal Neapolitan experience!

Their chef and the team cook traditional flavor combinations, complemented with an extraordinary wine list and choice of inventive cocktails.

Visitors can get the exact fusion between true Italian recipes and procedures and locally-sourced ingredients.

Address: 87 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JZ 


italian notting hill gate | notting hill restaurants london


Established in Notting Hill on Westbourne Park Road, The Oak proceeds to influence first-timers and regulars. It was an old boozer that turned into a modern Italian restaurant.

The menu has a new approach to Mediterranean masterpieces and unfailingly exceptional pizzas which cater to the popularity of their restaurant across London. 

If you want to have a meal in a relaxed space, the ground floor is perfect. You can also have a wood-fired pizza oven and enjoy wine in a beautiful bar and cocktail lounge.

Their menu reflects a love of honest, healthy food & flavors with un-sophistication in presentation. Have a wonderful dinner with a pleasant service.

Address: 137 Westbourne Park Rd, London W2 5QL 



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De Amicis was established in 1995 and has been serving its customers for over 25 years.  

Their mission from day one was to give their guests lovingly cooked, delicious, rustic, and classic Italian dishes in a truly relaxed Italian setting.

The cozy and intimate ambiance coupled with warm service says De Amicis proceeds to be the spot to visit for comfortable get-togethers, romantic meals, and business dinners.

Address: 4 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JE 



Notting Hill Italian Restaurants Map

Rejoice in excellent cuisine in an intricate setting in an Italian Restaurant, which symbolizes Italian style and vintage magnificence!




Browsed through the colourful streets of Notting Hill, now this list of colourful Italian cuisine with our list of Italian restaurants in Notting Hill. Browsed through the colourful streets of Notting Hill, now this list of colourful Italian cuisine with our list of Italian restaurants in Notting Hill.

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