14 Beautiful Streets In London!


If you are an avid reader of London Kensington Guide then you will by now have noticed how much I love photographing the streets of London. From the Kynanace mews to the pastels of Bywater Street, I can’t get enough of the city’s beautiful spots. And as I know many people like exploring them as much as I do, today I’ve decided to bring you my guide to the quiet corners and prettiest streets in London.

Whether you’re a born-and-bred Londoner or it’s the first time you’re ever visiting England’s capital, strolling across these paths is always a perfect pastime. The city is an attractive tourist destination itself because of many reasons – one of which is the street life filled up with energy, color, and creative arts.

So, get ready to fall in love with an intoxicating combination of cute crescents, delightful roads, nice lanes, adorable British houses, and magnificent mews as you explore London’s beautiful streets.

This is not a usual post! Here I’ve provided the ultimate guide to the 14 most sexy, colourful, and beautiful streets in London!


New Inn Yard – Next to King John Court in Shoreditch


14 Most Beautiful Streets in London

We have already covered a post on the prettiest cafes in London, today is all about the pretty street of London.


  • King John Court

Located in one of my favourite parts of London is King John Court. I stumbled onto to this street by accident when I was doing my usual photowalks around the city.

The whole of King John Court is just a delight to look at. The street is covered in beautiful street art murals, in keeping with the amazing street art that can be found all over Shoreditch. Those that have done the street art tours in the area will no doubt be familiar.

Be sure to also add New Inn Yard which is the street right at the end of King John Court but the street art mural goes around the corner into New Inn Yard as shown in the images above.



  • Kynanace Mews

Kynance Mews is not only one of the best mews in London but also one of the best spots for visiting wisteria blooms in the town. The best seasons to enjoy wisteria spots and other attractions of the mews are Spring and Fall. The fantastic arches overflow with trailing ivy alongside the red Virginia creeper leaves turning it into a hotspot for Fall-loving visitors and photographers.

Leafy Kynance Mews has hidden away in quiet South Kensington, a short walk from the Gloucester Road station. Thus, the cobbled Kynance Mews is so easy to reach whether you’re visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum, The Natural History Museum, the Science Museum or you’re just attending a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Being globally popular on social media, Kynance Mews can be crowded on weekends. So, if you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy its tranquility, I suggest going there midweek – especially early in the morning (9 – 10 am). This is a famous place for bloggers on Instagram and whoever wants to visit one of the most beautiful streets in London. 


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  • Bywater Street Chelsea

London definitely isn’t short of extremely beautiful painted rows of houses. However, few of them have shown unique beauty so effectively as the pastel houses of Bywater Street.

The street is just off King’s Road in Chelsea, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in London, and there is no wonder you can see these exquisitely painted rows.



  • St Luke’s Mews

St Luke’s Mews is another one of the prettiest streets in London with its number 27 famously being featured in the rom-com “Love Actually”. When I think of St Luke’s Mews, I think of lively homes lined with absorbing potted greenery, cute cobbled streets, and a sprinkling of fetching street lamps. Juliette’s balconies branch out at leisure completing this dreamy scene.

Its gorgeous variety of colours from the classic red brick, vibrant blues, sunshine-yellow accents, and deep blacks to the rose-pink number 27 can check almost all the boxes even for the most exigent tastes. This is one of the essential London mews, bursting with popular characters all year round.




  • Kelly Street

While everybody’s favourite London mews street is the so-called Kynance Mews, I have a different taste. Located in Kentish Town, Kelly street is not only one of the prettiest streets in London but also my favourite of all time.

Kelly Street is not as touristy as the most beautiful streets in London because indeed not so many people know about it. It has many cute colourful houses and is easy to reach either from Kentish town or Camden town. You may also want to indulge in Camden Market quickly after that!



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  • Portobello Road

Located in the famous Nothing Hill, Portobello Road is another one of the most photographed and beautiful streets in London. It is often incredibly crowded on the weekends – mostly because of its well-known antique shops and street food market. Packed with many nice vintage shops, Portobello Road is a hotspot for people who love vintage clothing and goods.

Portobello road also houses plenty of London’s most popular restaurants, cafes, and brunch places. For where to stop check out our post on Notting Hill brunch places as well are cute cafes, amazing Notting Hill pubs in addition you can stop by for freshly baked goodies at this bakeries.




  • Chalcot Crescent

Chalcot Crescent is another little escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. This is a specifically quiet, super-charming Primrose Hill area in North London. Chalcot Crescent is a perfectly-curved street of candy-coloured houses and reputable Victorian architecture similar to a dollhouse.

This fountain of 19-century eye-candy inspiration can help you decide what colour you’d like your dreamy house to be. One of the pastel townhouses on this delightful road is even immortalized in the movie Paddington. 

Tall and narrow pastel houses in the shades of blue, pink, and yellow, made Chalcot Crescent a popular spot for a steady stream of famous figures. Famous residents include actor Jude Law, model Kate Moss, playwright Alan Bennett, and chef Jamie Oliver that still live there. 



  • Lancaster Road

Lancaster Road is also placed in the Nothing Hill neighborhood. Thanks to Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, this is maybe the capital’s most popular neighborhood and the outstanding spring of countless colourful streets.

Lancaster Road is also known as “Notting Hill’s road with the Colourful houses,”. The road is an architectural rainbow and definitely the belle of Notting Hill.

This is one of my favourite spots for strolling around, especially on grim/rainy/cold days in March or April. Because you can see Lancester Road lined up with adorable blooming trees through these months and there’s nobody around to disturb your peace.

Lancaster Road’s colourful surroundings are so bold and joyful. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself very energized. This would be your favourite street if you like a nice and quiet place with saturated brightness. 


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  • Westbourne Park Road

In the 1960s, Westbourne Park was a popular spot for hippies. Since then, it has attracted more noble and wealthy characters from the worlds of fashion and music. As of that, it houses many chic eateries and organic grocers that draw celebrity customers.

Westbourne Park Road is one of the most beautiful streets in London that has the most colorful and delightful homes to visit! The best spot on the road for photography is where Westbourne Park Road intersects with Clydesdale Road as the houses look so cheerful.

All in all, I think Westbourne Park Road is more vibrant than other London beautiful streets.


  • Neal’s Yard

From charming boutique shops and a unique narrow path to grand houses, Neal’s Yard has everything to be one of the most beautiful streets in London. Its delightful and exciting atmosphere feels like you’re walking through a quaint village – especially when you’re browsing the pieces in the decorated storefronts. 

Covent Garden is also right around the corner of the street. A lot of people don’t know about Neal’s Yard as they can’t leave the Covent Garden’s Market and stroll further streets. One thing I love about Neal’s Yard is its different shops along the street including a delicious cheese shop that is worth a stop if you enjoy dairy!




  • Hammersmith and Fulham, Wingate Road

Wingate Road is the other adorable and beautiful street when you run through Hammersmith and Fulham. It has great vibrant homes with picturesque gardens, pretty balconies, and amazing entrances. This street might be straight out of a fairy tale.



  • Leake Street

Leake Street has a curated collection of independent restaurants, cafes, and bars that capture the essence of urban culture better than any other place.

Its eight former railway Arches are a showcase of urban art, dining and entertainment live from Waterloo. Underground Vaults Theatre is located in Leak street’s arches and it hosts many live shows all around the year.

If you want to fuel your creativity, don’t miss one of the UK’s largest independent performing arts festivals – VAULT Festival (runs from January to March) in Leake Street Arches.


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  • Hillgate Street

Hillgate Street is home to the Rainbow Row of Notting Hill with endless colourful houses. It’s only five-minute away from Notting Hill underground station and you can find your imaginary locations here.

Pink, blue, purple, and other colorful houses in Hillgate street feel like you’re stepping into one of your dreamy streets. If you want to look at views that make your heart beat faster, don’t miss out the Hillgate’s wonderful spots. 

More pastel houses, more problems! Hillgate street is also full of crowds and Instagram bloggers who are taking a photo on each side of the street. Considering the crowd, this wonderful place is one of my favourites for wandering around. 



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  • Shad Thames

Another beautiful cobbled street lined with old warehouses is Shad Thames. Its Victorian-era warehouses were used to store tea, spices, and coffee. However, they have been transformed into luxury flats.

It is no abandoned industrial estate and is definitely picture-worthy – especially its series of bridges that overhang the narrow lane. While you are here dont for get to check out the Tower Bridge glass walkway experience, you can also work your way through the cool things to do in London Bridge, in addition to the unmissable stop at Borough Market.




  • Hartland Road

Another one of London’s most colourful streets, Hartland Road is also a nice spot for a lunchtime wander if you brave the hustle and bustle of Camden to find it. It is worth a visit when the sun shines.

Whether you love hiking or cycling, Hartland is a place you can enjoy both.



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Map Of The Most Beautiful Streets In London


And there we are, at the end of the ultimate compilation of the most beautiful streets in London.

Although these 14 streets are major tourist landmarks in London, many other beautiful streets all over the city can be on everyone’s London bucket list. Whenever I go wandering around London, I find new wonderful streets to add to this list.

I hope this post to be useful for you in planning your trip to the capital city! If you are into shopping, don’t miss my recommendations on 8 Famous Shopping Streets in London to Check Out.  




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