What To Pack For A Trip To London – Summer & Spring Packing Lists



So heading to England and wondering what to pack for a trip to London? Well, you are in luck! We are going to be talking all things packing, cute spring and summer outfits when it comes to figuring out what to wear in London in Spring and Summer. From trench coats and duster coats to pack from spring and summer in London. Dresses, totes, and shoes to pack for a trip to London.


Let’s face it, London has the craziest weather, but as I write this, we have the most beautiful weather in London. It’s of course also the weekend Prince Harry and Meghan Markel just got married so the weather Gods are truly in our favour this weekend in London and the UK.

London Spring weather has also been great this year.  Spring/Summer in London means picnics, little use of the underground in favour of walking around and enjoying the sunshine in London. This means, you need to pack accordingly for your trip to London. Below are some tips!



Tips On What To Pack For London Summer Outfits and Spring Clothing


When it comes to London visitors, the majority tend to think that London is just grey all the time. Well, their may be an element of truth in that but that doesn’t stop us putting together cute outfits to wear in the summer. So this post in a way to help you figure out what to wear while visiting London. Yes, it can be a little cold but from March onwards our weather is starting to thaw and you can start to add a bit more colour into your wardrobe as the days start to get longer.


When it comes to how to dress in London, as one of the world’s best fashion capitals we are as individual as they come so it comes to travel clothes for London, I find that classics whether that’s cute summer dress or a comfortable pair of jeans, comfort is key. As much as Londoners love to be at the forefront or trends we also love our elegant classics, a beautiful mac coat, feminine



what to wear in london in spring | What to Pack For London
London Summer outfits | What To Wear In London


What To Pack For London In Summer & Spring


Below are some of my tips for what to include in your packing list for London. Below should also give you an idea as to how people dress in London in Spring and Summer. Also look out for my winter packing list for London later in the year.

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Mix Of The Styles Of Dresses You Pack For London


London weather can be a hit and miss sometimes but when you are in the city during a week or weekend when London is bathed in cloud-free sunshine, prepare for plenty of sun busking in the beautiful parks in London. Parks like Regents Park are super popular during Spring and Summer weather in London. During this time the last thing you want is to have the wrong type of clothes packed for your trip to London. So, in terms of what to pack for London, mix up the type and style of dresses you pack for London.


Plenty of linen dresses, tunic style of dresses and light knitted dresses, in addition to maybe a shirt dress or two. Varying the styles and weight of material means you are covered for when the weather turns sour. Dresses like the little green Issa dress below is knitted with no sleeves, and perfect when the weather is in between seasons.

Its warm but not too much. So you can wear it during the day as is and in the evening when the temperature drops you can add a duster coat, a little shawl or cardigan and you are good to go!


Also dress like this are easy to dress up or down. For daytime, you can easily pair it with some loafers, converse or sandals and in the evening you can dress it up by pairing it with some heeled sandals or stilettos and you are ready for an elegant evening out. Same goes for the other dresses linked below.


How Do Women Dress In London | What To Pack For London In Spring /Summer
How Do Women Dress In London | What To Pack For London In Spring /Summer



Pack dresses that easy to dress up or down and easy to mix up with other wardrobe items.


What To Wear In London | London Dressing Style
What To Wear In London | London Dressing Style


Pack Your Shoppers And Large Totes


As you know London weather can be up or down so when considering what to pack for London, a large tote or shopper should be at the top of your list.

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Let’s face it, you will want to throw your umbrella in there, beauty items and when it gets warm you will also want to throw in your trench or mac coat so that you don’t end up holding your trench coat while exploring London. Leaving your hands free to pick up a camera and snap the city away.






The Power Of Mac – Pack A Trench Or Two 






What Shoes To Pack For London


I love exploring cities on foot, I also provided a walking guide and one-day itinerary for London. If you are in London, I would highly recommend taking to the city on foot. Explore the beautiful sights around Southbank. To do this, when considering what to pack for a trip to London, I would highly recommend you add a couple of flat and comfortable shoes to wear when walking around London.


We have plenty of beautiful tours around the city from the alternative tours in East London to food tours in London’s Markets all of which you will want to walk off afterwards so it highly recommended that you pack a good fitting and comfy shoe to fully make the most of the city.






Travel Clothes For London | What To Wear While Visiting London
Travel Clothes For London | What To Wear While Visiting London



Pack Duster Coats For Summer Trips To London


During the summer months or from May to September, you may want to consider packing a duster coat for your trip to London. It’s during this time that the weather is warm enough not to need a coat but the perfect time to make use of light cover-up, certainly needed for evenings when the weather is slightly colder.


Duster coats come in all shades and colours and are super easy to pair up with outfits. I have a couple of colours from dusty pink to deep and rich reds and blues. It also helps that they are also not expensive and can be easily accessorised with an outfit.


What To Pack By Month


What To Pack For London In March / April / June

When it comes to what to wear in London in March, we are usually still wearing knitted jumpers as we are just coming out of winter months so the weather is still usually fresh. As we approach the April and June, London spring outfits as starting to get light but we are still wearing our wool and heavier coats.
So if you are visiting during this time and wondering what to wear in London in spring, the dresses are still a little heavier hence why I have added a couple of knitted clothes like the green Issa dress above to illustrate this and to help you with spring travel outfits ideas.



What To Pack For London In July / August / September

When it comes to what clothes to pack for London in August and late July you don’t really need any heavy coats or macs really a duster coat will do for most everything and sometimes you don’t really need that for July and August. July and August tend to be our warmest months in the UK.
This year we have had the hottest and longest summer yet so if you are thinking of clothes to pack for London in July, again get a mix of summer dresses a light duster coat. Clothes that you can easily mix and match should the weather turn as it sometimes does in the summer in London.
Also, because it allows you the flexibility in putting together cute London summer outfits. We tend to have an odd day where it rains but quickly recovers. If you are visiting London in September then you definitely need a mac as the weather gets cold in the evenings also pack a scarf too as sometimes you may not need a coat but a scarf might do.


Packing list for London in July / August / September

  • A mix of summer dresses
  • Jeans
  • Mix and match tops and summer shirts
  • Mac/Trench coat
  • Duster Coat
  • Flat shoes
  • Sandals
  • Evening shift dresses for evening dinners or a trip to the theatre.

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