Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram

Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram


Don’t want to post your London photos with lines likePussy cat pussy cat, where have you been? I have been to London to visit the queen.” Then lets explore some of the coolest London Eye quotes for one of London’s most unique and amazing tourist attractions.

We have shared some of the most interesting facts about the London Eye and all that happened for this stunning structure to be positioned where it is on London’s most popular place for tourists.  

The Millennium wheel, also known as the London Eye, the center of attention of this London eye Instagram captions article, is located at Thames’ southern bank. The world-famous tourist attraction is also the highest cantilevered wheel in Europe.

All the capsules are air-conditioned, and the 35 meters high giant wheel takes around 30 minutes for completing a revolution.

Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and more renowned spots are visible when you reach the top. And it would be best if you arrive at the place between 10 am and 9:30 pm with tickets ranging from around £29. You can find London Eye deals on sites like Viator or Get Your Guide. Some of these include combo tickets with cruises on the Thames or with Madame Tussauds or the London Aquarium. 




Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram


London Eye Quotes From The Architect

To complement our list of quotes about London are quotes about this amazing cantilevered wheel that is known as London Eye. In addition are some London Eye quotes from one of the architects of London Eye.


“The observation wheel gives Londoners and visitors another way to appreciate the capital and being by the river really enhances this experience,” – Julia Barfield.


“For me the most wonderful culmination was the amazing pre-eminence of St Paul’s Cathedral, a perspective that had not been seen before,” – Ms Barfield. (London Eye Architect)

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“The best thing about the Eye is the journey. It’s not like the Eiffel tower, where you get in a dark lift and come out on to a platform at the top. The trip round is as important as the view.” –   Julia Barfield




Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram


Instagram Caption for Instagram Post

No visit to London or London itinerary is complete without visiting the London Eye. One of the most Instagrammable places in London. 

Try out a few of these London eye Instagram quotes to make the posts more attractive. With that in mind, below are the perfect captions and quotes about London Eye.


  1. Our life is very similar to the London Eye; we need to overcome our fears for enjoying the mesmerizing view.
  2. Life! No, it’s not a utopia. Utopia is where you get to eat corndogs on the London Eye.
  3. London Eye is far better than all roller coasters because life is not a thing to live at full speed. You should spend your seconds in anticipation and appreciation.
  4. Minutes in London Eye are not for faint-hearted people. It will help if you dare to sit in there and enjoy the ride, making your living worthy.
  5. Life is nothing but another London Eye. When at the top, we are afraid of looking down, but patience can make through it.
  6. You know the feeling when you are looking down at London from up top. It’s like if you jump from that height, God is willing to gift you a pair of wings.
  7. Life and the London Eye are very comparable. If you are down, always remember there are ways to go up again.
  8. Yes, every second of yours have the same capacity. One minute you are at the bottom; in the next, you touch the heights of the sky. Stay in your seat and enjoy your ride up to the top.
  9. If you are willing to behold the magnificence of the world, don’t try to become the fulcrum pin of the London Eye. Instead, become a nail of one of the seats of one of the cars.
  10. She loved watching the city sky from the London Wall. Until one day, her life became like one.
  11. Visit the city of London, and find yourself at the top of the world.
  12. People often say we all have one London Eye deep within.
  13. How to relish our lives’ ups and downs is something that the London Eye can teach every soul.
  14. Hope is something that shares a resemblance to the London Eye. When it is high enough, it can even touch the sun! When it is down, it is waiting for its chance to reach the top again.
  15. Love, it is another London Eye. It keeps rotating your emotions and feelings. Maybe our heart is the axis of that rotation.
  16. Visit the London Eye once. There’s something romantic about it. Especially when it puts you at the highest, and you feel like the ruler of the kingdom. Don’t forget to kiss your beloved when you start your journey to the stars.
  17. Dear London Eye, thanks a lot for teaching; what goes around indeed finds its way to come around again.
  18. The feeling is majestic when you are at the top of London and kissing your valentine.
  19. Maybe someday I will find the guy with whom I want to get stuck at the top of the London Eye.
  20. London Eye is like the smaller version of life; sometimes, you are up and sometimes down. But, sooner or later, you will understand that only enjoying the ride is essential.
  21. I once knew a man who spun the London Eye with his bare hands.
  22. Even from the space, nothing looks as promising as the view from the top of the London Eye.
  23. London Eye takes its passengers to the top for bringing them down to the bottom again. This process continues. It is also the pattern of humans experiencing their entire life.
  24. The month of August comes, when the summer is into its full swing. It also resides in the very middle of the year. Like the London Eye is taking a pause keeping you at the highest seat.
  25. Happily here only for the fresh hotdogs and the London Eye.
  26. Always look at the top, and try to reach there, as it is the only secret of life.
  27. The two things you should ever chase are your dreams and the chances to be up in the sky.
  28. Once you taste the taste of the clouds, you can never look at your feet again.
  29. If you need me, find me near to the sky, at the highest seat of the London Eye.
  30. I love you to the top of the London Eye and back.
  31. Treat your life like the London Eye. You need to leave behind your fears for enjoying the splendor.
  32. I want to spend all my years at the top of the London Eye, gossiping with fairies in the night.
  33. After riding the London Eye, you can realize that the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. You need to feel them with an open heart.
  34. I was afraid of heights, but my fear of never flying made me come to the London Eye.
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Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram Best Captions And Quotes About London Eye For Instagram


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