Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington


The soft clink of delicate teacups, the aroma of freshly baked scones, and the gentle hum of conversation in an elegant setting. Kensington, a haven of culture and refinement, offers some of London’s finest afternoon tea experiences.

Join me on a journey to discover the exquisite world of afternoon tea in Kensington, where each venue promises an unforgettable treat for your taste buds and senses. There are so many cool and delicious options for high tea in Kensington.

There are plenty of cool things to do In Kensington, from amazing museums, to cool cafes to visit, and among those are afternoon teas to die for!

From afternoon tea at Kensington Palace’s Orangery to options in South Kensington and those in trendy Chelsea. Many of the hotels and cafes in the area are not offering afternoon treats. We have tasted many and shared out favourites below. Take a look at the following list and be inspired!


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


Delicious High Tea In Kensington And Chelsea

Whether you are just exploring the area, living there or even staying at one of the many amazing hotels in Kensington, afternoon teas in Kensington and Chelsea come a variety of ways. From Champagne afternoon tea to those with a twist and mixing with global cuisine.


Royal Albert Hall Afternoon Tea – A Regal Treat

Step into the iconic Royal Albert Hall, a temple of the arts, and indulge in a regal afternoon tea fit for a maestro. This experience is not just about tea; it’s a symphony of flavors and elegance.

Prices start from £35 per person, offering a selection of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and your choice of tea or coffee. The ambiance is a blend of sophistication and artistic flair, making it a perfect prelude to a cultural performance.



The Kensington Hotel

The Kensington Hotel has for many years been the foremost venue for afternoon tea in the Kensington area. It is centrally located on Queen’s Gate and is open for afternoon tea every afternoon.

As one of the most expensive places to have afternoon tea in Kensington (at an eye-watering £42 per person or at £54.50 if you also want some champagne), it is not the kind of place you will frequent every day. However, if you are celebrating a special occasion or really want to treat yourself and a friend, this should be top on your list!


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


The Bentley Hotel Afternoon Tea – A Tranquil Oasis

Escape the bustling streets and find yourself in a tranquil oasis at The Bentley Hotel. Their afternoon tea is a harmonious blend of tradition and luxury.

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Prices start from £42 per person and include a selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones, pastries, and, of course, tea or coffee. The setting exudes timeless charm, with soft lighting and plush furnishings, making it an ideal spot for an intimate tea gathering.



The Cranley Hotel

Looking for a luxurious afternoon tea at one of Kensington’s popular hotels but you don’t want to pay the high price tag? The Cranley Hotel is a great option and at only £20 per head, you definitely cannot go wrong.

The hotel is located on Bina Gardens right in the heart of Kensington and you will thoroughly enjoy their freshly baked scones and clotted cream! Of course everything at the Cranley Hotel is delicious and we recommend arriving when you are starving so that you can make the most of this incredible afternoon tea!


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


Bailey’s Hotel Afternoon Tea – Victorian Elegance

Bailey’s Hotel, a Victorian gem, invites you to step back in time and revel in afternoon tea splendor. Prices begin at £32 per person, offering a delectable array of sandwiches, scones, cakes, and your choice of tea.

The ambiance is a delightful mix of Victorian elegance and modern comfort, creating an atmosphere where you can savor each bite in style.



Caffe Concerto

Caffe Concerto has been in Kensington since the 60s and offers you plenty of old-fashioned charm and delicious pastries, sandwiches and, of course, excellent tea.

The cafe is located on Brompton Road and afternoon tea here will set you back from £18.95 per person. It is centrally situated and therefore the ideal venue after you have been visiting the city’s popular museums and local attractions. It is within walking distance of most amenities so transport should not be a problem.

It is difficult to choose what to have for your tea as they offer plenty of freshly baked pastries (by the in-house pastry chef), big raisin scones and finger sandwiches.

Don’t forget to ask your server to give you a glass of their famous prosecco to make an already-successful afternoon tea even more so!


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


The Tara Tea Lounge

The Tara Tea Lounge is located on Scarsdale Place in Kensington and has for many generations been Kensington residents go-to place for afternoon tea. It is very easy to see why as they have a very high attention to detail and will stop at nothing to ensure that they have a full, fresh spread every afternoon for their guests.

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Whether you order their delicious sandwich platter or you opt for one of their tasty cakes or scones, you will not leave disappointed. At only £19 you can enjoy a full afternoon tea in a delightful setting. Definitely a winner!


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


Orangery Kensington Palace Afternoon Tea – Royal Views

Embrace the royal heritage at the Orangery in Kensington Palace, where afternoon tea feels like a majestic affair.

Prices start from £34 per person and include a delectable selection of finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, and your choice of tea or coffee. The setting is a blend of grandeur and nature, with views of the palace gardens adding a touch of regal charm to your tea experience.



Baglioni Hotel

Looking for something a little different for your afternoon tea? Why not hop along to the Baglioni Hotel on Hyde Park Gate where you can enjoy an Italian-inspired English afternoon tea in their exquisite setting.

Enjoy all the benefits of an English tea (scones, good quality tea) and partake in their Italian delights, such as their special pastries and cakes. You will never enjoy an afternoon tea quite as unique as you will at the Baglioni Hotel so enjoy it as much as you can!

Tea packages start from £20 and booking is essential!


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


The Ampersand Hotel – A Sci-Fi-Inspired Treat

The Ampersand Hotel, a fusion of Victorian charm and modern whimsy, offers an afternoon tea with a unique twist. Prices begin at £32 per person and feature a selection of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and a choice of tea or coffee.

What sets this tea apart is its science-themed treats, a nod to the nearby Natural History Museum. The decor is a delightful blend of classic elegance and quirky design, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a playful yet refined tea experience.



The Milestone Hotel

For an extra-special afternoon tea with loved ones, we highly recommend visiting the Milestone Hotel on Kensington Court. The hotel itself is in a beautiful art deco style and you will take tea in their drawing room which offers secluded tables, beautiful decor and attentive servers.

The cost of tea here starts at £50 but it is worth every penny as you get sandwiches, cakes, scones, pastries and excellent tea.


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


Muriel’s Kitchen

Muriel’s Kitchen is one of Kensington’s firm favorites when it comes to afternoon tea. It is located just off the High Street and offers afternoon tea packages from only £20 a person.

Be sure to book far in advance because afternoon tea slots here soon become filled. They offer you a wide selection of goodies to choose from but most people order their chocolate cake as it is known to be extremely decadent.

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Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


Number Sixteen

Number Sixteen is a stylish boutique hotel on Sumner Place in a delightful Victorian townhouse. It is very close to Kensington’s most famous museums and therefore the perfect place to visit for a treat.

If the weather is good, sit in their pretty garden and enjoy afternoon tea from only £22.


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


Holiday Inn London

The Holiday Inn in Kensington (on Wright’s Lane) offers reasonably priced afternoon tea packages from £19. Getting there is very easy and only a 2-minute walk from the underground. The hotel has recently been refurbished and you will take tea in their opulent dining hall.

You have the choice of various options such as the savory platter, cakes, scones or pastries. Each platter is served with the very best tea but you could also opt for coffee or something a little stronger. Most people opt for their scones which are, of course, freshly baked every day and served with clotted cream and fresh preserves.

In such beautiful surroundings, it is definitely worth the £19 as you get a lot of value for money.


Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington & Chelsea


100 Queens Gate Hotel

100 Queen’s Gate Hotel is one of London’s most prestigious hotels and is located just off the Kensington High Street. It is part of the Hilton group and guests are treated to one of the best afternoon tea choices in the city.

You can have afternoon tea here from £42.50 but you will be treated to so much food that it is as much as a meal so come hungry!

Afternoon tea is taken in 100 Queens Gate Hotel’s airy atrium and you can take as much time as you like simply enjoying all their tasty treats. 100 Queens Gate Hotel is well known for their finger sandwiches so be sure to sample at least one!



Whether you’re in search of regal splendor, Victorian elegance, or a touch of whimsy, Kensington’s afternoon tea offerings cater to all tastes.

So, take your pick, gather your companions, and embark on an unforgettable culinary journey through the heart of Kensington, where every tea time is a delightful adventure.



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Best Afternoon Tea In Kensington

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