Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea

Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


Kensington and Chelsea offer visitors and residents some of the best shopping in the country. Did you know that both areas also have some amazing charity shops? If you happen to be in either Chelsea or Kensington, be sure to pop into one (or more!) of the below charity shops to pick up a bargain.

These charity shops are located in very prestigious areas and you can often pick up a barely used, branded item for a real bargain. If you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, a visit to a charity shop is a big must. Let’s take a look at the most popular charity shops in the area.


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea

If you are a thrifter that also loves brand names then the best places to head to is Kensington. There are plenty of charity shops in Kings Road, South Kensington, High Street Kensington, all offering an amazing selection of unused and used clothing items. You can find top brands like Miu Miu, Versace, Gucci as well as high street brands like Top Shop Zara and others all at silly prices. Below are the Kensington charity shops to check out.


  • Royal Trinity Hospice

The Royal Trinity Hospice shop has 3 convenient locations in the area: on King’s Road in Kensington, North End Road in Pimlico and one in Notting Hill Gate.

Anything bought at these 3 charity shops supports the very worthy cause of hospice (taking care of terminally ill patients in a loving and caring environment).

You would be amazed at the wide selection of almost everything under the sun that you can find in these delightful shops. Whether you are looking for an interesting book to read, a great quality winter coat, a piece if fine china, or anything else, you will probably find it at the Royal Trinity Hospice shop.

Remember to browse their collection of beautiful jewelry as you will almost certainly find a literal, hidden gem!

Locations: Kings Road | South Kensington | North End Road |  Pimlico | Notting Hill Gate.


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


  • Octavia Foundation

The Octavia Foundation raises money to support the most vulnerable people in the local community. The charity really does some incredible work and will never turn anyone away.

Their charity shops in Kings Road, Brompton Road and Kensington High Street is the main way in which the raise money for the charity and it is well worth supporting them.

Entering the shop, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothing, bric-a-brac and odds and ends. However, if you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, you will definitely find a wonderful treasure!

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In addition to their barely used and second hand items, the shop also stocks a small range of brand new products that are from the special Octavia Foundation range.

Be sure to dedicate at least an hour to browsing one of these amazing charity shops as you can easily get immersed in the fun of it all!

Locations: Kings Road | Brompton Road | High Street Kensington


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea



  • Royal Trinity Hospice

Royal Trinity House is not your ordinary charity shop. What many people do not realize is that it is actually the UK’s oldest hospice charity. Founded in 1891 to focus on caring for terminally ill patients in their homes and institutions, Royal Trinity has been faithfully serving the local community for hundreds of years.

If you would like to support the amazing cause, why not visit their South Kensington charity shop and spend a very pleasant hour or so browsing their incredible bargains and treating yourself to a special something?

Locations: South Kensington


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


  • Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is a well-loved charity that raises funds for much-needed research into the field of cancer. They need all the help and support they can get and a very easy (and fun) way to support them is to shop at one of their charity shops.

Their charity shop in Kings Road is conveniently located and surrounded by local restaurants, museums and other local attractions. It is therefore easy to pop in while you are on Kings Road anyway.

Why not make a fun morning with it along with a friend? You never know what kind of bargain you might pick up and they have a staggering amount of barely used clothing, books, CDs, vinyl and much more.

Shopping here, you need not feel guilty because every penny goes to a good cause so feel free to shop till you drop!

Locations: King’s Road


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea

Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


  • YMCA Shop

Looking for a new and very worthy cause to support? Why not consider supporting the YMCA? This noble charity helps to provide support to needy families with childcare services for kids after school. They have some excellent, free youth club programs, family mediation programs and parenting courses. Thousands of young people visit the many YMCA clubs and services every year and almost 200 thousand families make use of their parenting and childcare services annually.

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Relying completely on funding from the public and generous donors, they need all the help they can get. If you would like to give them a helping hand, visit their charity shop on Kings Road. Not only will you be helping them, but you will also be treating yourself to some wonderful hidden treasures.

This charity shop has a very large collection of barely used toys that are still in exceptional condition. While your child is browsing the toy selection, you can take a look at their vintage clothing, brand name handbags and awesome accessories.

It is easy to spend a fair amount of money here but what you ultimately get is incredible value for money: plus you are supporting one of the best charities in the UK!

Locations: Kings Road


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea

Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


  • Oxfam

Oxfam is one of the country’s largest charities and it operates on a global level, helping to support vulnerable and poverty-stricken people. They also offer a great relief fund whenever there is a natural disaster and they effectively help folks to rebuild their lives.

In the Kensington and Chelsea areas, Oxfam has 3 flagship stores: one on Earls Court, one on Gloucester Road and another in Kings Road.

Upon entering the store, you probably won’t know where to be begin as there are just so many goodies. However, after you have looked around for a while, you will soon find at least a few items that you will be tempted to buy.

We love their range of clothing which includes branded items that look as if they’ve never even been worn!

Locations: – Earls Court | Gloucester Road | Kings Road


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


  • Geranium Shop

Geranium Shop in Kensington High Street is a wonderful shop that supports the charity for the blind.

They have a great shop right on Kensington High Street that sells practically everything under the sun. If you are a fan of vinyl collecting, this is a definite stop as you can easily pick up 4 or 5 original vinyl records for very little money.

All in all, this shop has a relaxing and pleasant look and feel to it and it makes for highly enjoyable shopping.

Locations: Kensington High Street


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea

Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


  • British Red Cross Shop

The British Red Cross Shop in Old Church Street is a fantastic charity shop to support. The Red Cross provides valuable assistance to people needing urgent medical attention throughout the globe.

Located in a very convenient location, locals and tourists often pop in to see what kind of bargain they can pick up that day. Their stock sees a high turnover and if you see something you love, we recommend snapping it up as it will probably be gone tomorrow! Make sure you have a look at their fine bone china- many items are exquisitely made and feature quality name brands.

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Locations: Old Church Street


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


  • Fara Charity Shop

The Fara Charity shop in New Kings Road is a delightful shop selling a little bit of everything.

FARA is a wonderful charity that works to support disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in Romania. They have helped thousands of young people over the years but need ongoing financial support to continue with their good work.

The FARA charity shop in New Kings Road is well-lit and very well laid out and , if you are in a rush, you can easily find what you are looking for. Of course, you will be tempted to spend a lot of time browsing their vintage clothing and library of books (where you can often pick up a limited edition).

Why not take a friend with you and spend a few hours browsing their goods and having immense fun? Afterwards, you could go for a coffee at one of the many coffee shops in the area.

Locations: New Kings Road


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


Mary’s Living & Giving Shop For Save The Children       

Mary’s Living & Giving Shop For Save The Children is located on Fulham Road. The shop supports vulnerable, abused and disadvantaged children. Even though they have helped many children, they need the financial support of the public at all times and are always grateful for any support.

Support this worthy cause by buying something from their shop! From handbags, silk scarves, toys and books, to shoes, CDs, vintage vinyl and china, you can find it at Mary’s Living & Giving Shop For Save The Children!

Locations: Fulham Road


Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea


Map Of Charity Shops In Kensington And Chelsea

Below is a maps of charity shops in Kensington and Chelsea.



The shop is very well-loved and popular in the area and for good reason: they have a constant donation supply of excellent quality goods. You may feel surprised at what people have donated as many of the items have barely been used and look very expensive. However, don’t pass a bargain up because if you don’t buy it, there will definitely be someone else purchasing it in a very short period!



Charity Shops In Kensington & Chelsea

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