Best Cafes In Kensington To Check Out

Best Cafes In Kensington To Check Out

It is impossible to visit the Kensington area, without experiencing its coffee culture. The charming streets are filled with quaint small cafes offering everything from traditional English breakfast to beautifully served French pastries. If you are unsure, what are the spot that deserve to be visited, we have prepared a list of the 10 Best Cafes in Kensington. Keep reading and learn more about each one of them.


Best Cafes In South Kensington To Check Out
South Kensington cafes and restaurants. In the background: Brindisa and Compton Restaurant on Exhibition Road.


The Coolest Cafes To Check Out In Kensington

If our coverages of the best afternoon teas in Kensington wasn’t enough, we are now sharing some of the best cafes in Kensington. There is basically no shortage of cafes in Kensington. Whether you are looking for a good hearty breakfast, best brunch places in Kensington, something light, vegan or those delicious fruit bowl breakies or even a good’ole Instagrammable cafe. There are plenty to choose from. Below we have list some of our favorite places in to eat in Kensington.


  • Ole & Steen

The Danish-inspired Ole & Steen bakery, is one of the best spots to visit while exploring the Kensington area. Focusing on using only the highest-quality seasonal ingredients, the cafe offers a wide variety of traditional breads, yummy pastries and cakes and fantastic coffees. If you are looking for a breakfast place, Ole & Steen is a great choice with its interesting menu items that combine the best from both the Danish and UK cuisines. The Salmon and Egg Power Pot, for example, which is served all day is a fantastic option even if you prefer sleeping in until late. For those, who are planning on visiting for an afternoon coffee, make sure to try the cafe specialty cream cakes, such as the Raspberry Tart or the Passionfruit Slice.

Address: 92 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 4SH, United Kingdom



  • PAUL South Kensington

Situated just next to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the charming Paul Bakery and Cafe should be your go-to if you are looking for a lunch or coffee break spot. From the delicious freshly baked French pastries to the wide variety of healthy salads, the cafe offers a bit of everything for everyone. Choose between the Goat Cheese or the Jackfruit and Mango Salads for lunch. In the afternoon combine your delicious black coffee with a slice of Flan Normand Tarte or a traditional French eclair. You can also pass by the cafe in the morning as you are heading to explore the Kensington museums and get a warm freshly baked croissant to-go.

Address: 47 Thurloe St, South Kensington, London SW7 2LQ, United Kingdom


Paul and Gails Bakery on South Kensington


  • Cafe Jumo

You will be greeted by the clean and beautiful decor at Cafe Jumo. It is not just the stunning interior that will impress you, though. The cafe offers a wide variety of breakfast and lunch menu items that you should certainly combine with the interesting and unusual, beautifully served cafes. The avocado toast and scrambled eggs are among the customer’s favorites, however, the home-made freshly baked goodies are also worth the try. Everything is made with high quality ingredients and the cafe they serve is known to be one of the best in London. As one of the best cafes in Kensington, you should certainly treat yourself to a fantastic brunch at Cafe Jumo.

Address: 32b Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4HA, United Kingdom




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  • Gail’s Bakery South Kensington

With more than 30 different types of bread, Gail’s Bakery is one of the most-popular cafes in South Kensington. The cozy atmosphere is filled with the scent of freshly baked goodies that deserve to be tried. The brunch classics, such as scrambled eggs or smoker salmon are served on a slice of the customer’s favorite in-house made sourdough bread. If you prefer something sweet for breakfast, you should try the Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes or the Brioche French Toast. Before you leave make sure to get a loaf of your favorite bread that you can munch on for the rest of the day. Gail’s Bakery might be slightly more unusual than the traditional Kensington cafes, however, it is certainly worth the visit.

Address: 45 Thurloe St, South Kensington, London SW7 2LQ, United Kingdom


Gail's Bakery South Kensington Thurloe Street


  • Cafe Du Coin

Known for its delicious traditional English Breakfast, Cafe Du Coin is a cozy cafe that should be part of your must-visit places in Kensington. The cafe has a limited number of outside seating, but if you head early in the morning you will be able to enjoy the charming street while indulging in a delicious breakfast. Other classics that deserve to be tried are the yummy omelets and eggs Benedict. You can also try some of the Parisian-inspired pastries and combine them with a delicious cappuccino with an interesting flavor of your choice. With its homey atmosphere, Cafe Du Coin is certainly one of the local’s favorite best cafes in Kensington.

Address: 229 Earls Ct Rd, Earl’s Court, London SW5 9AQ, United Kingdom


Best Cafes In Kensington To Check Out


  • Fait Maison

Fait Maison is probably one of the most beautiful and charming small cafes in Kensington. It is impossible to pass by it and not to be impressed by its fabulous Parisian-inspired exterior. On a warm sunny day you can sit outside under the stunning decoration of colorful flowers, whereas the cozy interior design is perfect for cold and rainy British days. Creating everything in-house, the cafe specializes in a wide range of different cuisines – from traditional French macaroons to the flavorful middle-Eastern dishes. Fait Maison is by far one of the best cafes for a fantastic breakfast to get your day started. Order the classic Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon or try something unusual, such as the Shakshuka. If you decide to visit later on during the day, make sure to try one of the traditional Afternoon Tea options.

Address: 3 Stratford Road, London, W8 6RQ, United Kingdom



  • Holland Park Cafe

Surrounded by the endless green fields of Holland Park, this small and charming cafe will greet you with its cozy and laid-back atmosphere. The tempting selection of breakfast items, as well as the yummy freshly baked goodies will make you a regular customer of the Holland Park Cafe. The chef aims to serve healthier dishes, hence, everything is prepared with fresh locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. Choose between the interesting salads or the yummy pastries and take a seat on the patio on a sunny day to enjoy the park. A nice added bonus is that the cafe welcomes well-behaved dogs, so do not forget to bring your furry friends with you. Start your day with a refreshing morning walk in Holland Park, followed by a delicious breakfast at the cafe.

Address: Holland Park, Ilchester Pl, London W8 6LU, United Kingdom



Best Cafes In Kensington To Check Out


  • Raison D’etre

With its fantastic breakfast selection, Raison D’etre should be on your list of cafes to visit in Kensington. Visitors can choose between a huge variety of delicious baguette filled with seasonal ingredients accompanied by freshly squeezed juices. The delicious salads are a great option for a quick lunch, whereas the pesto pasta made with homemade pesto sauce is a must-try. The best part is that even if you have special dietary-requirements, Raison D’etre menu also offers excellent gluten-free and dairy-free meals. The cafe’s cozy atmosphere will make you feel like you are at home. Just one visit at the quaint cafe is enough to make you a regular customer as you will want to keep coming back.

Address: 18 Bute St, South Kensington, London SW7 3EX, United Kingdom




  • Chucs Cafe Kensington

Stop by the charming Chucs Cafe Kensington and take a seat on the beautifully decorated patio on a sunny day. The soft cushions and the cozy atmosphere will make you feel like you are somewhere by the coast. On an early morning get a freshly made smoothie with the cafe’s specialty inspired by the traditional English breakfast. If you prefer something lighter you can try the Chia Seed Bowel or the Traditional Porridge Oats. For lunch make sure to order the Chucks Chopped Cobb or the Raw Mediterranean Salads. The mouth-watering Tiramisu and the Lavender Pannacotta are also a must-try. Even if you are a vegetarian, Chucs Cafe will surprise you with its gluten-free and diary-free meal options.

Address: 97 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3LD, United Kingdom


Best Cafes In Kensington To Check Out



  • Le Pain Quotidien

Despite being known as one of the best bakeries in South Kensington, Le Pain Quotidien impresses its customers with its wide range of breakfast and lunch options. Mainly using high quality organic ingredients, the cafe is an excellent choice if you stick to healthier and cleaner eating regime. Order the cafe’s specialty – the Le Pain Quotidien Breakfast, and indulge in the omelet of you choice served with a basket of organic bread slices. If you fancy something sweet, try the organic Dutch Mini Pancakes and get a side of a fresh fruit salad. For lunch get the yummy avocado toast or the delicious Warm Grain Bowl. The iced teas and the home made lemonades are also an excellent addition to any meal. Despite the clean and minimal design of the plates, you will certainly feel full for the rest of the day.

Address: 15-17 Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2HE, United Kingdom



Best Cafes In Kensington To Check Out


Which of the above mentioned 10 best cafes in Kensington would you like to visit first? Would you prefer to get a freshly baked pastry or indulge in the classic English Afternoon Tea? Either way, you will be able to find it all in these 10 best cafes in Kensington.


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Best Cafes In Kensington To Check Out

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