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The Scoop is an underground circular amphitheatre composed of grey limestone outside, to the west of City Hall. A curved ramp and some steep steps lead up to it from the riverfront walkway.

The beauty of this place is that it offers up free entertainment and events all throughout the year, aiding in reducing your London trip costs as part of a list of free things to do in London.


A little History of The Scoop In London Bridge

The Scoop is a public outdoor amphitheatre next to Tower Bridge and City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames. A lower basement-level emergency escape from City Hall’s cafeteria leads to the Scoop. However, there is no public entrance from the Scoop toward City Hall. The Scoop is under the control of More London; the GLA has no control over it.


Along the banks of the Thames, this theatre and gathering place was planned in 2002. Eight hundred people can be accommodated there, where you can enjoy free movie screenings and live performances while admiring the city’s famous monuments. Even the busiest executives working in the London Bridge area could discover time to unwind and enjoy life due to The Scoop’s lunchtime live music events.


The Scoop also now plays host to The London Bridge City Christmas Market when the summer concerts are done for the season. You can find kiosks, pop-up bars, and culinary establishments all lined up by the amphitheatre. Tourists and Londoners can buy artisanal cuisine, apparel, and other handmade gifts for loved ones at the market.


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Many activities are available at The Scoop if you’re looking for outdoor activities. Join Project Awesome, an early morning outdoor fitness and mobility session held every Wednesday between 6.30 am and 7.30 am if you desire to become healthy and crave the crisp air to assist you in waking up in the morning. You can see whats on the calendar at the Scoop on the London Bridge City site.


Things To Do Near The Scoop London Bridge (More London)

You are in close proximity to an array of things to do in London Bridge, many of which we have shared in our linked post. Below are placed immediately near The Scoop.



  • Borough Market: One of the best culinary experiences in London, if not the most popular but busier than Maltby Street Market. It is a gastronomic gem with a wide variety of delectable foods, which is why it is so appealing to bother Londoners and tourists alike. It’s heaven for cheese lovers, you can also find amazing desserts, bakeries, fantastic bars and restaurants all serving up an amazing array of cuisines from around the world.



  • Sky Garden: With more room to move around, the opportunity to discover one of London’s most beautiful gardens cannot be missed.  The Sky Garden is a public park that undoubtedly offers a peaceful experience in the heart of London’s hustle and bustle of the financial district.


  • St Dunstan in The East Church: This little city pocket is a friendly site, with some excellent bends in ruins and gorgeous vegetation. It takes little time to explore and is a beautiful little bonus for going to the general region.


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Where To Eat Near The Scoop Amphitheatre

Feeling hungry? You are in the right place as London Bridge is filled with an amazing collection of cafes, pubs, and restaurants from Italian to Indian and everything in between. We have shared many of these on the blog. Whether you are in the mood for a little afternoon tea with a view or a little brunch. There is an abundance of choices.


How To Get To The Scoop at More London

London Bridge Tube Station and railway lines are only a short walk from The Scoop. Below is a handy map to help you locate More London amphitheatre. 

It’s possible to ride a bike to The Scoop. Cycling there is simple: Follow London Bridge to the north and east. Take a 121-foot cycle path heading toward Duke Street Hill (A200). The A200 Duke Street Hill is 210 feet on the left.

The A200 will be followed for 0.2 miles after making a sharp right to remain on Duke Street Hill. Slightly turn left towards More London, Riverside. 

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