Best London Hotels With Balconies For A Private City View

Top London hotels with balconies | See The City From Your Hotel Room - london hotels with a view, hotels with best views in london

London is such a beautiful city that one can experience from the comfort of their hotel. Here, I want to share the perfect London hotels with balconies.

Experience views of the London Eye, St Pauls Cathedral, the River Thames, The Shard,  and the delightful sights of Tower Bridge and more.

All are from the list of hotels with balconies in London below.



Why You Will Love London Hotels With Balconies

Booking a London hotel with a balcony is a choice that invites tourists, like you, to immerse themselves in the city’s unique charm and energy in a way that no other accommodation can offer.

From the vantage point of your private balcony, you’ll be treated to stunning panoramic views of iconic landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, The Shard and the River Thames, or the bustling streets of Covent Garden.

Imagine sipping your morning coffee or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening while basking in the beauty of London’s ever-changing skyline. It’s a front-row seat to the city’s rhythms, providing a sense of connection and belonging that transforms your visit into an unforgettable experience.

A balcony in London isn’t just a luxury; it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories and embrace the city’s vibrant spirit from the comfort of your own retreat.


Top London hotels with balconies | See The City From Your Hotel Room - london hotels with a view, hotels with best views in london


Top London Hotels With A Balcony 


It’s not just hotel suites with balcony views available in the city. You can have amazing views without having to book super luxury hotels in London.

Below is a perfect list of central London hotels with private balcony rooms where you get to see London’s tourist attractions while you sip coffee from your private balcony. We have also shared many cool London hotels with a view on the blog.


Smoking is no longer allowed in most if not all buildings in London now,  London hotels with smoking balcony are added a bonus for those who smoke but don’t want to have to go all the way out of the building in order to smoke. Just make sure you are allowed to smoke on the balconies though.


Batty Langley

Batty Langley is among the great London hotels with private balconies. Located in Folgate Street, in the bustling Shoreditch and close distance from the Shoreditch High Station and the Tower of London, is the Batty Langley hotel.

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The 300-year-old brick building looks grand and the interiors also complement this in the same fashion. Talking of the view from a balcony of the hotel, you can take in the classic British neighbourhood.




ME London by Melia

Among luxury London hotels with balcony rooms as well as hotels with a view London has to offer. Strategically located at the busy crossing in Strand, London, close to the Trafalgar Square is this five-star hotel of ME London.

Don’t miss the visit to the rooftop terrace, which offers a panoramic view of the skyline. You can visit the London Transport Museum.



Apex London Wall Hotel

One of the best London hotels with a view. Located in the heart of London City, in Liverpool Street is the Apex London Wall Hotel.

Although its among hotels with balconies in London only a few rooms getting private balconies to overlooking the British cityscape beyond, this hotel is a great choice for the tourists.

The Kew Gardens, the famous Hyde Park and many other attractions are all nearby.



Fraser Place Canary Wharf – Riverside Retreat

Fraser Place Canary Wharf, nestled on the banks of the Thames, is a haven for those seeking a serene escape. Its spacious balconies offer breathtaking river views, making it the perfect retreat after a day of exploring London’s vibrant streets.



Mondrian Hotel

If you are after central London hotels with balconies with a touch of luxury then it has to be Mondrian Hotel.  The hotel’s specialty lies in its river-facing architecture in South Bank of the River Thames.

While staying in hotels with private balconies in London is great, even better is not only having river views but views of St Pauls, London Eye, Shard and more!

The hotel is on the Sea Containers building and hence, you cannot ignore the view of the serene river flowing down from the balcony. Mondrian also offers hotel suites with balcony views.



The Zetter Hotel

The boutique hotel of The Zetter is in the posh neighbourhood of Clerkenwell. The hotel gets Victorian architecture and is positioned between the East London and the West End London.

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The Zetter Hotel is near the Farringdon station and Tube station and is close to the major markets and tourist attractions. The view from the balcony reveals old British structure dotting the locality.



Holiday Inn Camden Lock

The Holiday Inn hotel in Jamestown Road in Camden Town is facing a Camden ­­Lock, which is the highlight of this hotel.

Hence, a balcony view from this contemporary style of the hotel is undeniably tranquil and one that gives you a break from the busy city roads.

The Mezzanine Restaurant and the Lounge areas are also famous among the tourists aiming for a good time.



The London Edition – Urban Oasis

The London Edition seamlessly combines timeless elegance with contemporary design. The suites with private terraces provide a tranquil urban oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, ideal for a leisurely morning coffee or an evening cockta



L’Oscar Hotel

The plush location in Central London is what draws attention and the hotel’s architecture designed by a renowned designer, Jacques Garcia adds to the oomph.

The view from this designer boutique hotel of L’Oscar is of the Holborn with close proximity to theatres and galleries.


Top London hotels with balconies | See The City From Your Hotel Room - london hotels with a view, hotels with best views in london


London Marriott Regents Park Hotel

The grand facade of this Marriott Regents Park hotel in Camden is hard to miss. With an impressive panoramic view of the green neighbourhood and the pinnacles of several architectural splendors, this hotel is impressive.

Dine at Carluccio’s restaurant and take a short walk to the London zoo and other such spots.



Nobu Hotel

Another on of the amazing hotels in London with private bedroom balconies. Shoreditch is a popular district in London for its plethora of galleries and museums.

Nobu Hotel here is a fancy artistic modern architecture that is hard to miss.

The balcony view is of the elegant neighborhood that comprises an interesting location that is a mix of modern and traditional European styles of buildings.



Corinthia London – Riverside Opulence

Corinthia London’s River Suites boast balconies overlooking the Thames, offering a taste of riverside opulence. Sip champagne as you watch the world go by on London’s most iconic waterway, and relish the luxury of your exclusive outdoor sanctuary.

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Hotel Xenia Autograph Collection

With a heated herb garden, and located at Kensington, the Hotel Xenia is a marvel. The hotel serves Italian delicacies and has around 99 guest rooms.

The balcony offers an impressive view of the locality and the guests can soak in this luxurious view from the rooftop bar’s seating area.



Eccleston Square – Hidden Gem

Eccleston Square, a boutique hideaway in the heart of Belgravia, surprises with its private balconies. Enjoy the lush greenery of the square from your balcony or unwind with a book in this hidden gem tucked away from the city’s bustle.



The Cavendish

Among centrally located London hotels with balcony views of the city. Situated on the Westminster Borough locality, and with rooms giving you a view of the London Eye, you cannot ask for more.

The Cavendish Hotel in London is just close to the Buckingham Palace and the Trafalgar Square.



1 Hotel Mayfair – Eco-Chic Retreat

1 Hotel Mayfair is a blend of eco-conscious design and urban luxury. Their balcony suites provide a breath of fresh air amidst the Mayfair district, offering an opportunity to connect with nature while being in the heart of the city.



Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London – Iconic Views

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London’s suites with balconies offer iconic views of London’s landmarks. Imagine gazing upon the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament from your own outdoor terrace—a truly unforgettable experience.



Booking a hotel with a balcony in London is more than a luxury; it’s a chance to savor the city’s beauty in a way that’s intimate and personal.

Whether you seek a riverside retreat, a hidden gem, or iconic views, these hotels ensure that your London stay is not just memorable but also filled with moments of serenity and awe.

So, step outside onto your private balcony, breathe in the city’s energy, and relish the magic of London from your own al fresco haven.


Map Of London Hotels With Balconies

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  1. The Zetter Hotel and L’Oscar Hotel look like the place to be. They look like the perfect hotels in London with private bedroom balconies. Can you imagine waking up to that skyline or sitting out enjoying a cocktail at night checking out the beautiful London cityscape? What treasured memories you’ll have if you stay at either of these places. London is gorgeous no matter what season you go in, but summertime would be perfect! I need to make sure this London hotels with balconies are available for our dates when we visit London in June.

    1. Yes, booking one of the central London hotels with balconies offers such a treat! Even better if you manage to get one of the river view hotels in London with private balcony. Either way you will have an amazing time. Also not all are expensive, you can easily find cheap hotels with balcony in London as well as London hotel suites with balcony. The key is to book much early to score yourself the best London hotels with balcony view. Have an amazing time in London.

  2. Wow, all of these hotels look absolutely wonderful and beautiful beyond compare! Which would you say is your favorite view and have you ever been to any of these hotels specifically? Would not mind at all staying in any of these cool hotels with balconies in London.

  3. I must say these all look perfect and I can’t believe the prices! I’ve always found London so hard to find a hotel with balcony. I have stayed at different hotels in London. Last hotel I stay is very clean, central, quiet and the staff are the friendliest I have ever come across.

  4. I was looking at pictures on Google of the Nobu Hotel and your picture stood out to be big time! Is that a functioning bathtub on the balcony!? I had not seen that in any other pictures and I am not sure why they wouldn’t want to show that off. I love the idea of taking a relaxing bath outdoors. Are those on every balcony or do you have to request that?

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