What To Wear In London Winter & The Perfect Packing List for London in Winter

I had shared with you what to wear in London summer. As we are now in full swing of winter, I am sharing a packing list for London in winter alongside tips on what to wear in London, how to dress for winter in London so you can explore in style and still be warm.  Also, considering the best shoes to wear in London winter.


The streets might be twinkling with all the Christmas festivities, and to go with it the frosty and wet weather in London in December. Winter in London can be very fun with so many cool things to do in London during this time of year.


To really enjoy the outdoor activities in the city, your packing list for your London winter trip needs to have a few essentials in order to cope with the weather. Things like a warm coat, a good pair of boots, scarves are all items you need to pack for your trip to London. Read on as I take you through what to wear in England in winter.





What To Pack For Winter In London & Winter Packing List For London (December, January and February)


Whether you are looking for what to wear in London in December, January or in February below are tips on what to pack for your visit to London in winter. So if you have been wondering what to bring on a trip to London in winter, read on!


Winter Coats  – The Best Jackets For London Weather


As far as what to wear in London winter, when the weather is cold, usually big junky coats. You get to walk around feeling like you are wrapped in a beautiful cozy blanket. I have several coats and jacket, from wool coats to lovely light yet warm coats.


From casual to elegant coats that you can easily slip a light eveing dress underneath and still be warm. It really pays to search around for something that is warm, timeless as well as suited to your personal still while being suitable for the cold weather exploring London’s beautiful streets or chilling outside Parisian cafes in Winter.

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The likes of John Lewis, Marks & Spencers and LK Bennett  have beautiful coloured coats. Just because it’s winter, itdoesn’t mean you have to stick with black. I wear colours in winters as much as I do in the summer.


This year there are a lot of inky blues and pastel pinks. I love pairing my blue coat with a bright yellow back or top just to make that blue pop. Even Amazon now as a great range of warm coats and jackets to choice from.


Pair this up with layers underneath to make it easier to peel them off depending on the activities as you explore London in winter. Below are also a couple of options for jackets for London weather.





Good Pairs Of Boots – The Best Shoes To Wear In London Winter


When looking at shoes to wear in London winter, this is the season for boots! This is somewhat an obvious choice regarding winter wear for London also as far as what to wear in London now in the current weather.


With the December weather in London in addition to January and February in London comes the cold and rain.  A good comfortable pair of boots, whether knee high, ankle length mean that you not only stay warm but with the wet weather this goes a long way into comfort too.


ASOS and Top Shop usually has great collection of boots and they ship worldwide, Dorothy Perkins, Amazon and M&S all have a great range and perfectly comfortable if you want to explore on foot and explore and the wet weather in London during the winter.


Also, do not forget to pack a few pairs of socks, you will definitely be needing them.



Gloves For Winter Dressing In London


Just like your legs needs to be warm, the winters in London meant that you will soon realise that bringing a pair of gloves is a wise idea. Especially if you choose to partake in the activities I mentioned in my post on things to do in London during Christmas.


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It is advisable you get gloves that will allow you to maneuver through the screen of your phone without any difficulty.






Scarves And Beanies – Dressing For Winter In London


Winter dressing in London doesn’t not go amiss without a hat especially when the cold and wind can get in through any opening in the body, so packing of scarves and beanies should not be underrated.


So keep yourself completely warm with a fluffy beanie and a soft scarf. Also, scarves are a great way to keep yourself warm on days with low cold or whenever the temperature drops.







As much as London can be so cold and windy during the winter, it can be so sunny and bright too. This as a result of the way the wet concrete reflects light during the consistently cold weather. So you will be needing sunglasses to shield from the wind and bright spells of winter sun.



Knitwear – Perfect Warm Clothes For London Winter


When looking at warm clothes for London winter or what to wear in Decemer in London as well as what to wear in London in Jauary, you simply cannot forget adding knitwear. Update your winter travel wardrobe with colourful knitwear in a collection of jumpers, dresses and cardigans. Invest in a versatile range of knitwear which can be worn for any occasion: Choose from easy-to-wear cotton, soft cashmere, extra fine Merino and more.


You can pair your knitwear London outfits with a pair of comfy boots and a warm coat and you are good to go. Comfortable wool and lambswool designs will see you through autumn and winter, keeping you warm when it’s cold outside.


Check out Uniqlo’s collection of beautiful jumpers in any colour you are in a mood to wear. Reiss has a collection of understated elegant knitwear to choose from that you can wear in the daytime and easily switch up into evening wear with a pair of heels.


You can also check out Amazon and Marks & Spencer for a spot of cashmere. You can easily pair up your knitted dresses with leggings instead of tights for added warmth, instead of wearing tights. Slip on some boots and you are good to go.

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Toiletries To Add To You London Travel Packing List


For those visiting London for the first time, note that there might be no need to pack many of these because toiletries can be easily gotten in London, most chemists and supermarkets do sell them.


However, if you have a particular brand that you use and you can not afford to let go of it for the few days you will spend in London, here is a list of important toiletries you will be needing. Also below are is a collection of brands that do amazing travel size toiletries.


  • Soap or shower gel
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Moisturizer with SPF
  • Deodorant
  • Body cream
  • Hair cream, hair brushes, and hair accessories.
  • Basic first aid kit (painkillers, methylated spirit, plasters, cotton wool, etc.)
  • Disinfectants and hand sanitizer – Flu Season!!
  • Leggings to keep warm



Other Items To Consider Packing

  • Umbrella: a small and portable one that you can carry wherever you go should be packed.


There are many fun places to visit in London, and there are many fun activities you can do too depending on where you are visiting.


So while you are there, don’t just stay indoors all through the day trying to avoid the cold, go out and create fun and beautiful memories that will bring a smile to  your face whenever you remember. So if you follow this packing list then you are definitely ready and good to go for a wintertime in London. Happy Travels!





So anything else you would add to the packing list for London in winter? If you are heading to Paris, look out for my post on what to wear in Paris in winter.


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  1. Great guide. I am visiting London from the end of December and wanted to get an idea of what to wear in London in January as well as how to dress for winter in London. So many tips on warm clothes for London winter as I was also worried about shoes to wear in London winter as it rains a lot. Thanks for covering so many points!

    1. Hi Susan, glad you found the post helpful. That’s exactly why I wanted to do a post on London trip packing list to proved people an idea of winter wear for London as the weather in London in December, January are February can be cold and really wet. Hopefully, all the tips above will give you tips of not only what to brings on a London trip but an idea of a packing list for London in winter. I hope you have a lovely visit in London. All the best.

  2. Fantastic post ! It is well written, quite informative and detailed. Now I don’t just know what to wear when am in London, but also what to pack for London in winter as a lady but I also know where exactly to find them courtesy of this post. Thanks for sharing this packing list for London in Winter, your passion for traveling and helping others travel comfortably is unrivaled.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I know its always had for me to figure out what to pack when I travel that I want to make sure its as informative at possible. So you know things like what shoes to wear in London in winter as well as examples of what to wear in London in December or January for example.

    2. Thank you for your comment Ngola! It can be difficult trying to figure out what to pack for London in January or the winter months so I am glad the post was useful for you. Hope it gave you an insight into how Londoners dress in Winter. 😀

  3. I was in London in November. I can’t help but agree with post packing list post, whenever I find myself in London during the winter I dare not miss my John Lewis’s winter coat and my boots sales. They just provide the warmth that I need. I am coming back again to London in December for the who month. I love that you added an umbrella. You cannot visit London in winter without packing an umbrella unless you want to get grenched. haha

    1. Yep, cant leave the house in London without a brolly! It one of those all important items when considering what to pack for London in February.

  4. London is a city I want to visit but I have to say, the weather there is not really to my liking. From what I can tell, there’s too much rain and that really brings me down. Whenever it rains, I feel I’m at just 50% of capacity. Anyway, nice tips on what to wear for when I do get there (probably next winter).

  5. Awesome! I have been looking for tips on what to wear in London in November. Beautiful tourist destinations that you visit. Besides that the clothes you use are also very suitable. I am interested in the story of your vacation. Thank you for sharing your holiday experience at the end of the year. VillaKubu.com

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