How To Get From Heathrow Airport To Chelsea

How To Get From Heathrow Airport To Chelsea

There are several options to get from Heathrow to Chelsea, via London Underground, coaches, Uber, taxis, Heathrow Express. In addition to the journey times as well as costs, below are tips on getting from Heathrow Airport to Chelsea.


How To Get From Heathrow Airport To Chelsea


London Tube

The easiest and most streamlined method to reach Chelsea from Heathrow Airport is by taking the Piccadilly Line (purple) on the London Tube system.

Piccadilly line trains can be accessed from any of Heathrow Airport’s three Underground stations. There is one station servicing terminals 2 and 3, a second station for terminal 4 and a third for terminal 5.

For the station between terminals 2 and 3, there are pedestrian subways which you can walk through directly from the terminal to the station. You will need to stay on the Piccadilly Line train for 15 stops, about 44 minutes, until you reach South Kensington Station or even Knightsbridge.

From there, it’s a 12-minute walk into central Chelsea, but South Kensington Station itself is part of the Chelsea area.

In order to travel on the London Underground system, you can use an Oyster Card, buy a paper underground ticket or travel pass or use a contactless payment card. If you use the last option, the system will simply calculate your fare and take the payment from your bank account at the end of the day.


How To Get From Heathrow Airport To Chelsea
Slice on the London Tube map but you can also download a full pdf map here.




Heathrow Express and Bus/London Tube

Another method of reaching Chelsea from Heathrow Airport is by using a combination involving an express train and the London Tube system or a bus.

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The train in question is the Heathrow Express, which runs from airport terminals 2,3,4 and 5 and takes you Paddington Station. The journey into Paddington is straightforward and only takes 15 minutes, and trains run non-stop on a regular service every 15 minutes.


You then have a couple of options in terms of getting from Paddington Station to Chelsea:

  • Option 1: From Paddington station, find the Circle Line (yellow line), and make sure you grab a Circle Line via Victoria train. You will need to stay on for 5 stops, around 9 minutes, until you reach South Kensington Station. As mentioned previously, if you are looking to get to central Chelsea, it would be around a 12-minute walk from South Kensington Station. This option is quicker and more straightforward, but it may involve a longer walk.


  • Option 2: From Paddington Station, grab the number 23 bus, which stops at Paddington Rail Station bus stop (Stop H). You will need to stay on for 7 stops, about 17 minutes, and get off at the Hyde Park Corner bust stop (Stop M). You will need to walk about a minute to the left towards another bus stop also named Hyde Park Corner but with a sign denoting it as Stop P. From Stop P, grab the number 19 bus and stay on for 8 stops, about 15 minutes, until Chelsea Old Town Hall (Stop KC).


How To Get From Heathrow Airport To Chelsea


Coach / Bus

There are several coach companies that run coaches from Heathrow Airport into Central London, the most well-known being the National Express coaches and the Megabus.

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All of them stop at the London Victoria Coach station. The trip takes around 40 minutes, but you will need to buy a ticket at the airport or online in advance in order to travel on any of the coaches.


From London Victoria, there are a few red inner-city busses you can grab, all from Bus Stop V, including the 211, 11 or 170. For the 211, get off at Sydney Street Chelsea Old Town Hall (Stop KH). For the 11 get off at Chelsea Old Town Hall (Stop KC). Finally, for the 170 get off at the National Army Museum bus stop.


Black Cab / Minicab

A black cab can be booked with either the Gett App or the City Mapper app, and the trip would take around 50 minutes.

The average base price is £64, but this may vary, depending on traffic. It can be one of the easiest ways to get to Chelsea and to the exact location you would like to get to, but I can also be fairly expensive.


How To Get From Heathrow Airport To Chelsea


Airport Transfer / Uber/ Ola

The airport transfer and Uber options are similar to the black cab, as it takes around 54 minutes and costs around £36 to £45.

Ola on the other hand offers the same time frame as Uber but with a price range between £34 to £36. Airport transfers would of course need to be booked ahead of time while Uber and Ola require the respective apps.




Car Rental

It is of course possible to rent a car at Heathrow Airport, as the airport provides access to a few car rental companies, and most advertise themselves as offering vehicles starting at £4/day.

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However, while this may seem like a very affordable offer at first glance, cars can be very difficult to manoeuvre and very expensive to park in central London, making this option the least simple or affordable transport alternative.     


How To Get From Heathrow Airport To Chelsea

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