5 French Bakeries In London You Need To Check Out

Guide to the best friend bakeries in London including those that cross over into french patisserie category offering delicious french treats.


Bakeries in London are renowned for their delicious, freshly-baked goods. But if you’re looking for something different, you should check out the city’s French bakeries.

From traditional baguettes to beautiful pastries and tarts, there is sure to be something that will tantalize your taste buds. Below is a list of some of the best French bakeries in London so that you can get your hands on some amazing treats.


Guide to the best friend bakeries in London including those that cross over into french patisserie category offering delicious french treats.


Where To Find The Perfect French Bakery In London

If you haven’t noticed by now I am absolutely obsessed with freshly baked goodies. I have covered bakeries in Borough Market, in Notting Hill, and Covent Garden, and will soon be covering those in Canary Wharf.


In addition, I have shared posts on my visits to Japanese cafes and patisseries in London as well as indulging my sweet tooth at O Craquelin, Connaught Hotel Patisserie, dessert places in Covent Garden and those around the rest of London.

Yes, I love a good treat! So, below I am sharing some of the best French bakeries in London.


Maison Puget

Maison Puget is a classic French bakery in West London, serving delicious treats such as pain au chocolate, brioches, and croissants.

As well as traditional favorites, the shop also offers an array of inventive creations like macarons, éclairs, and mille-feuille. The staff at Maison Puget are passionate about baking, which shows in their products’ quality.

Another interesting thing about Maison Puget is that they use locally sourced ingredients, which helps to keep their loaves of bread and pastries fresh.

For visitors, this means you can be sure you’re getting the real French experience. Ordering online is also available for those unable to make it to the bakery in person. While you are in the area be sure to check out these cool places to visit in Notting Hill.

Address: 148, 150 Portobello Rd, London W11 2DZ

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Comptoir Gourmand Maltby

Comptoir Gourmand Maltby is a modern French bakery in Bermondsey and the famed Borough Market. They offer delivery services for people who want to get their hands on delicious French pastries and cakes.

Comptoir Gourmand Maltby’s offerings range from classic croissants and brioches to exotic treats like lemon tartlets, pistachio financiers, and rainbow-colored macarons.

They also offer an array of savory dishes such as quiches and galettes, so there is something for everyone. This bakery’s products are hand-made every day by talented chefs and bakers. This ensures that each item is fresh and of the highest quality.

Address: Maltby St, London SE1 3PB



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Bread and Macaroon

Located in Bermondsey’s Market Place just a short walk from the Beer Mile, this is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a French bakery experience. Bread and Macaroon offer all kinds of traditional treats, including croissants, Tarte aux Pommes, madeleines, and macarons. Their pastries are handmade with quality ingredients like Sicilian almonds or Valrhona chocolate.

The bakery also has a range of savory dishes, such as quiches, pies, and sandwiches. Bread and Macaroon are ideal for those who want to experience the flavors of a classic French bakery without traveling to France.

The team at Bread and Macaroon are passionate about baking and strives to create new recipes that will delight their customers. Their products have become increasingly popular due to the exceptional quality of their ingredients and the skill that goes into each item. 

In 2019, Bertrand Kerleo created Dynamic Baking Classes, a specialized bakery focusing on traditional French and English food. This unique shop offers classes for both novices and experienced bakers, as well as selling their delicious pastries.

Address: 3 Market Pl, London SE16 3UQ

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Aux Merveilleux de Fred

Aux Merveilleux de Fred is a classic French bakery founded over thirty years ago in London. They specialize in traditional delicacies like croissants, brioches, and pastries.

As well as their classically delicious products, the shop also offers seasonal treats like macarons and éclairs. One of the best features of Aux Merveilleux de Fred is that their products are freshly baked onsite. This ensures that all the pastries, cakes, and other treats remain fresh and delicious for longer.

You don’t have to come into the shop to enjoy the products from Aux Merveilleux de Fred. They also offer delivery services so that you can enjoy their sweet and savory treats at home.

They combine know-how and tradition to offer high-quality products crafted with passion by their expert bakers. Aux Merveilleux de Fred makes all their products with carefully selected ingredients for the best quality.

The shop is committed to delivering freshly baked products made with love and dedication to every customer.

Address:  1-3 Leadenhall Market, London EC3V 1LR



Orée Fulham Road

Orée Fulham Road is a traditional French bakery in the heart of London, where all their products are freshly baked daily. Their selection includes macarons, tarts, éclairs, and more, so you can find something you like.

The team at Orée Fulham Road works daily to select the finest ingredients for their products, ensuring their pastries are always of the highest quality. They also offer savory dishes, such as quiches and sandwiches, for those who prefer something savory.

Orée Fulham Road’s experienced Chefs work closely with renowned artisan experts from France to develop their recipes. This ensures that all the products have a unique flavor and texture, like they were made in Paris. Orée has other branches around London, with one in Covent Garden as well.

Address: 275-277 Fulham Rd., London SW10 9PZ

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Map of London’s French Bakeries


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