Best Pizza In London Bridge That Prepares Excellent Neapolitan Pizzas!

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When talking about pizza, nothing can beat Neapolitan pizza. It’s just amazing!

They are bready, tender, and flavorsome – this is what Neapolitan pizza tastes like.

You can understand why the Neapolitan Margherita is now protected by UNESCO.



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Pizza Restaurants In London Bridge

Pizza outlets in London Bridge take efforts in preparing pizza that tastes exactly like the one in Italy.

Here are a few outlets that have excellent pizzas:


Pizza Pilgrims was formed with the vision of serving the best Neapolitan pizza across the UK. They prepare their dough with fresh ingredients that are sourced from trusted places.

They also have a good collection of the best Italian ingredients as they don’t want to compromise with taste. Their base is perfect, what an ideal Pizza in Italy would taste like!


Their trip to taste Neapolitan pizza across Italy made them sure that it is tough to make pizza like Italians. Their star dish is Smokey Aubergine Palm.

Aubergine roasted in the oven, layered on Pizza with olive oil, mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil, and lots of Parmesan. You can choose the topping of your choice. 

Address: Unit SU48, Bermondsey St, London SE1 9SP



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From their iconic Dough Balls to their thin and crispy Romana pizzas, you can enjoy all of their food at the comfort of your home. 

Inspired by the favorite meals from their restaurants, enjoy a selection of new dishes for your perfect night in. All the Home range is available in their supermarkets. You can check out their vegan range. 


Their love for Italian food is long-term. Pizza Express delivers the pizza that people in the UK deserve. They are involved in bringing a dining table to life with great food, great music, and great company. Lifting glasses and spirits.

Getting smiles on faces and sauce on t-shirts. That’s what they are all about.


All their Pizzas are just incredible. A pizza that goes crazy on meat and veggies! Check out their mouth-watering edition with an overload of succulent meat, crispy onion, crunchy capsicum, succulent tomatoes, and fresh herbs. You can select one of your choices.


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Looking for the best pizza in London Bridge? We have you covered. A list of tried and tasted pizza restaurants in London Bridge you need to check out. best pizza in London Bridge | pizza restaurant London Bridge | best pizza London Bridge| pizza place London Bridge | pizza restaurants London Bridge | best pizza in london | best pizza central london | best pizzas in london | pizza restaurants london


When it comes to PizzaExpress ingredients, they never compromise. After all, they’re the foundation for their great flavors. The same goes for their commitment to bringing fresh ideas to the table – whether in the form of the American Hot, Romana, or Leggera pizza, Dough Balls, or Peroni beer.


They also have conference rooms, Wi-Fi, baby facilities, disabled access, disabled ramps, disabled toilets, outdoor dining, and the most favorite pizza-making parties. 

Address: 4 Borough High St, London SE1 9QQ and Benbow House, 24 New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DS



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Starting as a parody University society, aiming to get discount pizza for all the crew, they are now taking on the London pizza scene by storm with our two Locations.

Taking inspiration from their iconic tours to the pizza capitals of the world, they do not let the style of pizza hold them back. They aim to give London an authentic pizza experience, no matter the style.


With its roots at the University of Southampton, Bad Boy Pizza Society started as a parody University society. It was established by four friends who felt they hadn’t been involved with that aspect of university life.


A trip to a local bar (that was offering a free pizza with every pint) gave birth to the idea, which began as an all-inclusive society dedicated to supplying members with discounted meals. From that moment, the Bad Boy Pizza Society was formed. 


The next few years proceeded to become a whirlwind of pizza-related activities. From backyard pizza parties to touring the pizza capitals of the world, to setting up shops and feeding the masses in London, they are pioneers in this industry. You will be amazed by the flavor their pizza has. 


Their Chestnut Mushroom & Truffle pizza is savory. It is a white pizza with a truffle & ricotta base, chestnut mushroom, fior di latte, Grana Padano, basil & white truffle oil from Alba.

Address: Courtyard Bar @ Vinegar Yard, 72 St Thomas St, London SE1 3QU



Franco Manca pizza and entire food are equally delicious. They also take special care of their customers. For special dietary needs and allergens, they have gluten-free options and vegan special pizzerias.


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Good food takes time. That is why, since opening their first pizzeria in Brixton Market in 2008, they’ve championed slow-rising sourdough pizza and properly sourced, small supplier, seasonal ingredients.

When you eat at Franco Manca, you will support people working close to the land. Small farms = Big taste. They believe that it is good to know where the things on your plate come from.


Their star dish is Pizza with mozzarella, spicy Greek pepper, lightly spiced pancetta, organic tomato, and Franco and Cantarelli grana. You can select buffalo mozzarella on any pizza. All these pizzas are made fresh to order. Their pizzaiolo is more than happy to tailor the dietary requirements of the customers.

Address: 15 Winchester Walk, London SE1 9AG



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Alma’s restaurant is an authentic Italian, family-owned restaurant located at the center of London Bridge. Their dishes contain fresh and nutritionally balanced ingredients that will for sure put a smile on your face.


Alma’s is a modern Italian, rustic-styled restaurant that is well-lit. It is cozy, with its exposed brickwork and marble-filled interior. It definitely lives up to London city life.


Their bar serves a plethora of different drinks and cocktails to suit your mood, from Strawberry Daiquiris to espressos to fine wine. Feel free to make a booking or if you are passing by just simply walk in. They have the friendliest staff to assist you.

Address: 30 Borough High St, London SE1 1XU 


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Giuseppe’s Ristorante Italiano is one of the South Bank’s oldest family-run Italian restaurants. Using only the finest ingredients from literally across the road at Borough Market, the menu is inspired by dishes from every region of Italy whilst remaining harmoniously in tune with the seasons.


Giuseppe’s has one of the most welcoming and friendly atmospheres you will ever have the pleasure of stumbling across. It is the kind of place where both couples can find an intimate corner or a large group of you can go out after work and everyone would be happy.


If Italian food excites you, Giuseppe’s Ristorante Italiano’s authentic Italian surroundings are the perfect place for you. They have a wide range of Mediterranean delights on both their lunch and evening menus.


All of their food is prepared with the passion and heart associated with all Italian home cooking. They also do delivery so if you cannot come and see them in person you can still experience some of your favorite food delivered straight to your door. Giuseppe’s can provide something to keep your taste buds happy and put a smile on your face.


Their star dish is Bruschetta Parma Ham. It has freshly chopped tomatoes, olive oil, Parma ham & basil served on toasted Italian bread. Their Bruschetta also tastes heavenly. It has freshly chopped tomatoes and garlic served on toasted Italian bread. 


Their wine list is amazing. You can try Frascati Superiore Doc. It is dry, elegant, and fruity, with pleasant acidity. Pinot Grigio Doc is another good option. Dry to taste with a pleasant green apple aftertaste

Orvieto Classico Abboccato Doc is perfect for a good time with friends. It is a delicate and fragrant medium wine.

Address: 47-49 Borough High St, London SE1 1NB 



Map Of Pizza Restaurants In London Bridge

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