Best Architects In Kensington

Best Architects In Kensington

Last year we found ourselves needing to redo our flat and with parts of the project needed talents beyond our usual DIY, it was time to call in the professionals.

We that we searched to fine interior designers and architects near us and for easy access to when it comes to meetings and comms. Having done a tone of research, we thought we would share a list of some of the best architects in Kensington we came across.


Best Architects In Kensington


Residential And Commercial Architects in Kensington


Mitchell Berry Architect

Mitchell Berry Architect is proffering its architectural services for commercial, educational, and residential clients. They offer architectural and design services and planning applications. One can contact the company for renovating office or residence. Besides, the company also performs entire refurbishment works too.

It provides services all across the UK, and many of their projects show their perfection and efficiency. Mitchell Berry Architect’s office is located at 9 Stratford Road London, Greater London, W86RF.


Huntsmore Residential Architects – Crafting Dream Homes

Huntsmore Residential Architects are renowned for their expertise in crafting dream homes. With a focus on residential projects, their portfolio showcases timeless elegance and innovative design. Collaborating with Huntsmore promises a bespoke journey towards creating your ideal living space.


Minale and Mann Interior Design and Architects – Creating Inspirational Spaces

Minale and Mann are masters of interior design and architecture, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality. Their projects breathe life into spaces, transcending them into inspirational realms. The fusion of creativity and precision defines their design philosophy.


qR Architects

One of the best architects in Kensington, qR Architect, offers services for the entire United Kingdom. Most of their performed projects are located in places like Kensington, Camden, Hammersmith, and Fulham.

Moreover, qR Architects is proffering many services like architectural design, accessible design basement design, garage design, custom build home, and more. The company resides at Amp Yard32-34 Gordon House Road London, Greater London NW5 1LPUnited Kingdom.


Jo Cowen Architects

Jo Cowen Architects is based in Fulham and Chelsea and an established RIBA Chartered practice. The company serves both residential and business clients. It proffers concept designs, contractor procurement, statutory approvals, site management, and more.

You can get in touch with it for 3D rendering, architectural designing, kitchen renovation, house restoration, site preparation, space planning, and more. Their office is located in London, Greater London SW10 0TZ United Kingdom.


Best Architects In Kensington


Le Lay Architects

Le Lay Architects, one of the best architects in Kensington, offers contemporary building designs. By keeping its sight in historical contexts, the firm also performs renovation and refurbish private houses and community buildings.

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Home renovation, house plans, project management, floor plan, building conservation, architectural designs are few of the services proffered by Le Lay Architects. Their official address is 39 Old Church Street Chelsea, Greater London SW3 5BSUnited Kingdom.


BLDA Architects

BLDA Architects are based in London’s Chelsea Harbour, and it is getting commissioned by government clients, private individuals, corporate clients, and family offices. For residential clients, the company provides services like apartment and house building. 

Besides, it efficiently performs the refurbishment of old buildings as well. For both commercial and residential clients, the company also offers interior designing services and furniture designing. The company is nestled at Design Centre East, 211, London SW10 0XF.


Sharpe Architecture – Transforming Spaces with Flair

Sharpe Architecture is synonymous with transformative design, reimagining spaces with flair and ingenuity. From residential to commercial ventures, their innovative approach and attention to detail result in exceptional architectural solutions that stand the test of time.


Mata Architects – Champions of Sustainability

Mata Architects are champions of sustainable design, pioneering eco-conscious architecture. Their commitment to environmental responsibility shines through in their projects, creating spaces that harmonize with nature and the community.


GA Architects

RIBA and ARB award winner, GA Architects, is one of the top architects in Kensington. It aims to approach their projects with creative thinking and extensive attention.

The company’s services are dedicated to residential, educational, and business clients. You can expect services like architectural drawing, 3D rendering, custom build homes, structural engineering, space planning, and more.

The company is located at 18Chesterton Terrace London, Greater London E13 0DG.


Best Architects In Kensington


Architects In London

The ARB registered company, empowered by professional architects, proffers its services to commercial entities and individual clients. You can seek expert services from the company if you need commercial refurbishment, basement designing, home extensions, building refurbishment, loft conversions, etc.

The company is sited in two different locations, which are Mayfair205 Regent St4th floor, Mayfair London, W1B 4HB, and Oxford Circus37-38 Margaret St Ground Floor, Marylebone, W1G 0JF, London.


Hogarth Architects

Hogarth Architects believe in innovation when it comes to their services. Hogarth Architects designs and builds new buildings, as well as proficiently performs restoration works.  Services from the company are very available in Kensington, Hammersmith, Chelsea, Putney, and Earls Court.

The company is successfully doing so in its site planning, interior designs, refurbishing, home extension building, and other services. The firm is located at 186A Dawes Rd, Fulham, London SW6 7RQ.


Dominic McKenzie Architects – Crafting Contemporary Icons

Dominic McKenzie Architects have a knack for crafting contemporary icons. Their projects are characterized by bold, innovative designs that leave a lasting impression. Each creation tells a unique story, blending form and function seamlessly.

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Extension Architecture – Expanding Possibilities

Extension Architecture specializes in expanding possibilities through thoughtful extensions and renovations. With a keen eye for maximizing space and potential, they breathe new life into existing structures, elevating them to modern standards.


Shape Architecture

The company proffers its services to the community sectors, educational institutions, and private residential. Service like a house, extensions, house restoration, architectural designs, basement conversion, building conversion, floor plans, and more are very obtainable from the company.

Shape Architecture is nestled in Chester House, 81-83 Fulham High Street Fulham Green London, Greater London SW6 3JA.


Mitchell Berry Architects – A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Mitchell Berry Architects seamlessly fuse tradition with modernity, creating architectural marvels that pay homage to history while embracing the future. Their designs celebrate the rich heritage of Kensington while offering a fresh perspective.


Best Architects In Kensington


In Kensington, where architectural diversity thrives, these visionary architects have made their mark by pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and respecting the borough’s rich heritage.

Whether you seek a dream home, inspirational spaces, sustainable designs, contemporary icons, space expansion, or a fusion of tradition and modernity, Kensington’s architectural scene has the perfect match for your vision. Collaborate with these architectural maestros to embark on a journey of design excellence and transformation.


Other Architects Located Near Chelsea


Extension Architecture

One of the best architects near Chelsea, Extension architecture mixes speed and creative thinking in their planning permission drawing. The proficient team of experts has already performed over 500 planning applications in different commercial and residential buildings across the UK.

Services like architectural drawing, and design, basement design, and conversion, home renovation, and custom build homes are obtainable from them. The company is located in 3 River Reach, Gartons Way, London, SW11 3SX London, Greater London SW11 3SX.


Smallwood Architect

With over 30 years of experience, Smallwood Architect is delivering magnetizing high-quality contemporary and traditional buildings to its clients. The company endeavors to craft building designs, efficient for enhancing a customer’s life.

Smallwood Architect is proudly providing an extended range of services, including 3D rendering, architectural design, floor plan, green building, house restoration, and more. The company is located at Quarter House, Juniper Drive, Battersea Reach, London, Greater London SW18 1GX.


Pike and Partners Architects

Having a primary focus on the residential sector, Pike and Partners Architects is serviceable in West and South London, Central London, Kensington, Chelsea, and more. The company has over 700 building projects in its portfolio, and it was selected as one of the best 25 residential architects by The Sunday Times in 2013.

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Eco-homes, building design, architectural design, and accessible design are just a few names from its offering list. The company is located at 537 Battersea Park Rd, Battersea, London SW11 3BL.


And Architects

From residential buildings to the commercial sector, this architect near Chelsea is proficient in serving clients with high excellence. Being a big name in UK architectural market, And Architects has also served in sports stadiums like Power Court Stadium, Charlton Athletic FC, and more.

Getting one more step further, the company has even touched international projects in Maldives, Rio, and more.

You can commission the company for architectural projects as well as interior solutions. The firm is located at 142 Battersea Park Rd, Battersea, London SW11 4NB.


Best Architects In Kensington


Armstrong Simmonds Architects

Established in October 2010, Armstrong Simmonds Architects is entirely focused on residential sectors and tailoring bespoke architectural solutions with an expert team. The RIBA Charted practice has proven its expertise on a stretched range of projects, including new buildings, residential designs, basement, and loft and extension conversion. The office is nestled at London, Greater London SW11 5QL.



One of the finest and award-winning architects near Chelsea, Minale+Mann offers a plethora of interior design, product and furniture design, and architectural services.

Not going by the traditional rules, the company is a nurturer of innovative ideas. Moreover, residential clients seek assistance in house restoration, building conservation, Architectural design and drawing, and more. The firm is located at Archway 69, 324 Queenstown Road, Battersea, London.


Alex Tart Architects

Another RIBA Charted practice in London, Alex Tart Architects, is a London born architectural company, utterly dedicated to residential architecture.

The company’s team of experts is proficient in both contemporary and traditional style buildings and craves for delivering services according to the client’s precise requirements. 

Alex Tart Architect is reachable for services including floor plan, home renovation, space planning, architectural drawing, and more. The company sits at The Old Boathouse Putney London, Greater London SW15 1LB.


Dyer Grimes Architecture

Another astounding award-winning architect near Chelsea, Dyer Grimes Architecture, prefers to spend enough time framing their client’s ideas into masterpieces.

The architectural practice serves on residential buildings and can be hired for architectural designs for swimming pool construction. Dyer Grimes Architecture is situated at Three Eastfields Avenue Riverside Quarter London SW18 1GN.


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