River Thames Dinner Cruise | How To Explore London By Boat

As Londoners, there are many things we take for granted because they are always there, but I tell you there is always an element excitement when you see London from a different angle, say for a boat. When the folks at Tinggly invited my boyfriend and I for a cruise on the Thames we jumped at the chance to explore London by boat. A table by the window guarantees uninterrupted views of London’s best London marks, gourmet food and wine glasses refilled without even noticing. How would say no to that?


The cruise starts off at Westminster pier and flows through Central London’s 2,000 year old river, providing commentary of much of London’s weird and wonderful history from years past to present day. These tours would seem like something only tourists are up for but even a Londoner is bound to appreciate a romantic break on the waters, whether its a first date or anniversary that doesn’t involve a plan ride, in addition to learning something new about the city. Taking to the waters is one of my favourite things to do in the city. You can check out my other post on London’s Little Venice.

We whiled away the tour passing through, Waterloo Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge and its over-the-river platform, Millennium Bridge with views of St Paul’s and Tate Modern and headed for the beautiful bridge with views of Castle of London, Shard and the many skyscrapers of the financial district before cruising to Greenwich. The weather on the day was not great but such is life in London, but fine dining, stunning backdrop to many of the city’s tourist attractions and relaxed environment you immediately forget about London’s lack of sunshine.
The tours run a couple of times a drive with a variety of offerings. Tingglyfind the most inspiring experiences around the world and let you share them as gifts for you and loved ones. Head to Tinggly for more details about the cruise as well as more experiences ranging from touring Russia Palaces, walking with Monks in Nepal to zip lining through rainforests, Safaris in African national parks and so much more.

Tours In London

There are plenty of tours in London, from those offering dinner like this one to those offering London, Afternoon Tea and many other delights to sample. Check out AttractionTix and Get Your Guide for inspiration.




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  1. How lovely and a great way to see the city from another angle. We have always talked about doing something like this but never ended up doing it. Have to do it now!!

  2. Amazing coverage and photos! I haven't been to London yet and this makes me itchy to get there! I'd absolutely consider riding a boat when I'm there.

  3. Oh what a nice way to explore the city! Never actually thought of this but looks like fun, and delicious too! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  4. A great, different way to see London. I had never considered this when I've been down south. This gives an interesting perspective of the city. The boat and food onboard look great too

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