11 Of The Best London Souvenirs You Shouldn’t Leave The UK Without!

11 Of The Best London Souvenirs You Shouldn't Leave The UK Without!


Let’s talk about the importance of souvenirs inspiration for the best London souvenirs that you cannot leave the UK without. Below I will be sharing tips for must have souvenirs from London as well as where you can get them from. This includes easily accessible gift shops in London as well as London souvenirs shops online.


Souvenirs allow us to remember the amazing places we have visited, the people we have encountered and our experiences of the city. Beyond that buying gifts for London ones also means that those memories can be shared with others so its no longer just your experience. Those memories of your trip live on in the gift that you bring back from your trip.


Best London Souvenir Shops And Map


Below are some of London’s easily accessible souvenir shops. All close to London tourist sights. While checking out Big Ben, Oxford Street, St Paul’s Cathedral, or London Eye you can easily grab the perfect London Souvenir to bring back home with you. These are also where you can easily get those cool ‘I love London souvenirs’ , big ben souvenirs and other cheap London souvenirs that wont break the bank.


Below I have also included a couple of London’s famous department stores that may not be strictly about souvenirs but you will find everything from make-up, home gifts, clothing, shoes, food as well as London souvenir t-shirts, and many more souvenir gift ideas.


  • Westminster Souvenirs 
  • London Souvenirs
  • Crest of London
  • Liberty London (Department Store)
  • Selfridges (Department Store)
  • Harrods (Department Store)
  • House of Fraser (Department Store)
  • John Lewis (Department Store)



Map of London Souvenir Shops



11 Of The Best London Souvenirs To Buy


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A trip to London is a memory you want to keep forever and what better way to store memories than to get beautiful souvenirs to always remind you of your time there!

Confused about what to get, here is a list you can choose from:


  1. Milly Green Royal Mug

Authentic and beautiful, this limited edition fine bone china mug. Milly Green London Souvenirs range from cute and edible items sweets and biscuits, to notepad and mugs that were designed to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and is one you should definitely get if you are a lover of all things Royal family.


11 Of The Best London Souvenirs You Shouldn't Leave The UK Without!




  1. Alice Tait Umbrella

Need an umbrella for all occasions? Well this one is for you! It is a compact size that fits neatly into your handbag. It features a lightweight, wind-resistant frame and a large canopy with quirky, colourful illustrations of some of London’s most famous streets and sights which makes it a great souvenir item.


London Souvenir Umbrella




  1. London Souvenir chocolate box

Never mind trinkets and keyrings, chocolate is the perfect reminder of your visit to London. Every box in the Godiva collection is hand-illustrated by in-house artists, and this time the British capital gets a makeover in the Souvenir selection.


What’s inside is even better: milk, white and dark chocolate treats with creamy, fruity and nut-filled centres. There’s a memento in every bite.



London Souvenir Chocolate




  1. Jacks & Co Great Britain Keyring

This key ring is the embodiment of simplicity, with a sleek stainless steel chain and minimal lock, it allows keys to be accessed efficiently and with minimal fuss.

Adorn your keys with a patriotic twist, the contemporary Great Britain Keyring from Jacks & Co features a red, a white and a blue monotone union jack trinket and a branded trinket. Also cool is this Harrods crown keyring and the Harrods Big Ben Keyring.


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London Souvenir Keyring




  1. Alice Tait London Map Notebooks

Take note with these London inspired notebooks from Alice Tait. These softcover notebooks are flexible and sturdy, making it the perfect travel companion. Perfect for those looking for London souvenirs for kids but also works for adults too.





  1. Jacks & Co Great Britain Ballpoint

Take your penmanship skills to the new heights with the Great Britain Ballpoint Pen from Jacks & Co. A simple metal coated option embellished with an all-over print of union jacks.

This twist unlocking pen boasts a paperclip, perfect for attaching it on to your chest pocket for easy access. If you are after more pen souvenir gifts, they also have the London Ballpoint.



London Souvenir Pen


  1. Milly Green ‘Celebrating Britain’ Gift Set

Among must-have souvenirs from London, this tea time gift set includes chocolate chunk biscuits, 10 boxed teabags and a ceramic mug. Delightfully presented in the celebrating Britain print, it will make a perfect gift for family members and friends.



  1. Royal Collection Buckingham Palace Shortbread

Need ideas for souvenirs for friends and family? Look no further than these delicious shortbread biscuits will make the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

The design of the tin is inspired by an exquisite cobalt blue and white Sèvres water jug and basin, in the Royal Collection, dating from 1771.


The decorations depict festoons of flowers and garlands of carnations, roses, cornflowers and harebells, suspended from elaborate borders around which insects, butterflies and exotic birds perch and weave. Also available in the Coat of Arms tin as well as the Longest Reigning Monarch Biscuit Tin.


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  1. John Lewis Union Jack Jumper Lewis Teddy Bear

A much-loved Lewis bear here sports an eye-catchingly patriotic blue and white jumper, emblazoned with the Union Jack. He makes a wonderful companion for children and adults alike.

He standing at 27cm tall, Lewis has a soft, plush finish, with ‘John Lewis’ stitched in multicoloured thread into his right paw.





  1. Charbonnel et Walker Union Jack Milk and Dark Chocolate Selection

A delicious selection of 9 milk and dark chocolates, in a beautiful box, decorated with the Union Flag.



  1. Union Jack Rectangular Cufflinks

Playfully patriotic, these Union Jack cufflinks lend a splash of colour to your standard suit. Featuring a classic clasp fastening and rectangular shape, they also give a fun finish to a crisp white shirt.


If you are looking for the perfect London souvenir ideas for your partner, this one is up there. Durable and last as long as you keep them. Also availble are 1st class stamp cuff-links and London black cab taxi cuff-links.


Best London Souvenirs The Best London Souvenirs




The Best London Souvenir Shops Online


Below are some of the best London souvenirs shops online. Most of these will also deliver to your hotel as well as 24hr delivery.

You can also walk into any of the below apart from Amazon which you can have delivered to many delivery points in the city. You can find everything from luxury souvenirs to cheap London souvenirs online from clothing to food items. Allowing you to find the perfect family souvenir ideas.







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  1. Great suggestions on the London souvenir ideas. I love those Alison Tait notebooks. Very pretty. I might have to get some of those. The mug with the corgi on it is adorable. I love that you have also listed the best place for souvenirs in London. I’m always buying people biscuits when we’re on trips and I love those decorated tins. They make the gift a lot more special than just a cheap box.

  2. I love that Alice Tait umbrella! As someone that never travels anywhere without my umbrella, it’d be more than a souvenir. Those chocolates look delicious and I love the tin too. One of the best souvenirs to buy in London. I think I’ll be taking one or two of these the next time I’m back in London!

  3. I am having a lot of regrets that I left London several times without any of these London souvenirs. I wish I had your guide the last time I was in the UK. Your guide on where to buy cheap souvenirs in London would have been very useful. I love all the Milly Green Collection items and wish I was drinking my coffee… erm I mean proper English breakfast out of that mug! My husband would really like those cufflinks as well! Great ideas and I’ll make sure to bring some home with me next time I am in London. I

    1. Well you now have more reasons to come back to London if the souvenirs count as one. I have also listed the best London souvenir shops to make it easier as well as a map.

  4. I am loving all of these gift and souvenir ideas. We have a Corgi so I would have to get that for myself. I like to give food as gifts so the chocolates, shortbread, and tea & biscuit sets would be the souvenirs I’d like to bring back for friends. You have really outdone yourself with a list of not only amazing things to buy for friends in London but the best food souvenirs from London so anyone wondering what should I buy from London has everything they need in one post.

  5. Yasss to the Milly Green mug and Alice Tait umbrella! So cute and fun! Plus practical! I remember the last time I was in London how much it rained, so I definitely see that umbrella coming in handy and I won’t have to pack my own!

  6. Thank God I came across this blog now. I am planning for my UK trip this August, and this list just saved me as I don’t have to wonder what souvenirs to buy in London. I will surely pick up few of these for myself, friends, and family. I will take each of its kind and skip the teddy bear I guess. Thanks for the share. Can you also recommend the best market for souvenirs in London?

    1. Hmm, I would have to say, Portobello Market, Camden markets are some of the best markets for London souvenirs as they cover a wide range of goods so you can easily find something for any one of your loved ones to take back with you.

  7. Living in London myself never look at these but some you have mentioned have even taken my fancy. The cuff links and the umbrella fir my Mrs are quite hand items I must say so might look into them. The short bread; among the best London food souvenirs and the teddy would recommend to any tourist. I do take a fair bit of these on my visit to friends and family abroad.

  8. This is a good list of Souvenirs. I would really want to buy everything. London is still on my list and I would like visit it soon. Out of the whole list, my favorite is LONDON SOUVENIR CHOCOLATE BOX. It looks so good. Loved those CUFFLINKS as well. Really cool that you have also provided tips on the best place to buy London souvenirs. I will be checking these out when I finally make it to London.

  9. Oh the Charbonnel Et Walker dark chocolate box looks absolutely mouthwatering and would be my top pick. The Royal Collection Buckingham Palace shortbread also looks yummy. Just so that I do not end up with all food-related souvenirs, I’d also go for the celebrating Britain gift set – i love the print on it! I really love that you have not only done a wide range of the best Souvenirs in London but also the beset place for souvenirs in London. Really great post.

    1. Aww thank you. There is such a wide range of things you can get from the best cheap London souvenirs to grab quickly for family to really good long life ones they can keep for ever.

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