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I love exploring city museums when summer comes and one such museum is Imperial War Museum London. When summer comes to London I love how everything about the way buildings are bathed in this beautiful glow, the parks are full of beautiful flowers and people seems even more smiley. We instantly forget just how crappy the weather usually is for a moment and just enjoy the bright weather.


This means abandoning the underground and buses and just walk a bit more because guess what, its not RAINING! That’s not to say a brolly hiding in the bag.
In the excitement of the sun making a come back and an attempt at easing itchy feet from travel wander-lusting, I am making more of an effort to embrace the beautiful spots that London has to offer on my little walks.


I enjoy the parks in London come rain or shine, so from having them, sometimes, all to myself in the colder or wet season, to having more company in the summer as more people take to the parks with couples picnicking and boys and girls playing sports in the parks.

Exploring Imperial War Museum London

On this occasion, I took to the Imperial War Museum. Its a family of five museums; IWM London, IWM North in Trafford in Manchester, IWM Duxford near Cambridge. Coincidentally I was actually in Duxford the weekend before. I posted on my instagram about getting on the fastest Concorde. If you are a lover of planes and see how far we have come in that side of travel transportation then you will love that place.


I also got to see a few of the old planes take off. The timing was great as they were doing test flights for the D-Day celebrations at the beginning of June. IWM London doesn’t re-opens in July, here you can discover First World War Galleries as well as permanent exhibitions including The Lord Ashcroft Gallery: Extraordinary Heroes and Secret War. Explore stories and key moments from the Second World War in A Family in Wartime and The Holocaust Exhibitions. It’s great for kids too as they usually have plenty of activities around.


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Imperial War Museum London Entry Fee

  • Adult – Free
  • Children  – Free

Imperial War Museum London Opening Hours

  • Open daily, 10am to 6pm.
  • Closed 24 to 26 December.

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  1. Beautiful shots. I have lived in London for years but never visited the IWM. I like the sound of IWM Duxford. You're so right about the feeling of summer in London… it made me a little homesick.

    1. It reopens in July and if you are into your WW history its great or for taking the kiddies, nephews and nieces for a little history lesson then a picnic on the lovely garden areas – the makings of a perfect day ….Maybe for when you get back to London 🙂

    1. Well it n ever lasts that long as its been raining last year days 🙁 Definitely check it out when you are back in London if anything for a picnic at least.

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