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Are you an adventure-loving person? If yes, then you must need a couple of things to effortlessly continue your outdoor activities. Located in the heart of Covent Garden, London, UK has something to offer to all adventurous people. 

If you want to pick stuff like mountaineering and walking tools, ski wear, and running gear, the outdoor shops in Covent Garden have a huge range of materials available for outdoor pastimes.

We have to dig deeper into the spot to find out the best outdoor shops in Covent Garden London. 


Covent Garden Station


Top 11 Amazing Outdoor Shops in Convent Garden

We have covered adventurous things to do in London. Here is the most precisely curated list of the top-notch outdoor shops in Covent Garden where you will have a huge collection of outdoor activities that require pieces of equipment and other essentials. Let’s take a quick look:


Rohan Covent Garden is a one-stop destination for authentic every-weather clothing, accessories and footwear specialists. The shop offers a wide collection of choices of lightweight, packable, simple-to-manage clothing. 

Whether you are going out for a walk, jogging, running or climbing the mountains, you will find everything needed in the Rohan Covent Garden. From snow boots to lightweight walking gears, Rohan has covered all adventures at an affordable price. 


Rohan outdoor clothing covent garden


If you are planning to explore the mountains or go on an adventure trip, Mountain Warehouse Covent Garden welcomes you for all your outdoor needs. No matter what the weather conditions are, they love to provide quality outdoor clothing and equipment. 

This outdoor shop in Covent Garden has been working since 1997 delivering a promising quality product. At Mountain Warehouse, mostly the commodities are designed and produced in-house exclusively by them so you can stay assured of the top-notch quality.

Also, they provide a large collection of outdoor products at great prices across the globe. 


Mountain Warehouse hiking shop covent garden


You can visit this outdoor shop to purchase products like climbing gear, accessories, clothing, footwear and so much more for both men and women. They provide good quality products manufactured in-house which at the same time are pocket-friendly. 

They offer decent quality customer support service with free returns and shipping. The working members in this outdoor shop are so efficient, friendly and humble to their customers. Overall the shop is a must-visit to explore some amazing commodities. 


You will find this store situated in the heart of the capital, in Covent Garden. For the city inhabitants and tourists, it would be a great experience to explore one of Britain’s most valued fashion companies to find clothing.

In this awesome outdoor shop, you will get both men’s and women’s lifestyle products collection comprising their prominent wax jackets, and accessories. 

However, a legacy brand, it still prospers presently helping celebrities to enhance their cool factor. The shop has stayed truly on-trend timelessly, creating hype over the exclusive edition range. 


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You will find one or another best product if you are a runner. This shop in Covent Garden, London covers all the needs of runners. They offer fashionable and famous outdoor clothing and equipment from notable labels. 

Are you excited to run with the kit, tech and nutrition from the best and most trustworthy running brands? Additionally, you will get friendly in-store experts, free gait analysis and footwear fitting in this amazing shop. Must check out this store to shop for any sort of adventure you are aspiring to. 



Want to purchase some well-designed branded outdoor clothing with high-standard quality? Then this is the must-go-to store for all outdoor enthusiasts serving top-notch products such as ski wear, sportswear, footwear, equipment and clothing from decades ago. 

The shop has a unique mantra i.e., never stop exploring which makes the shop one of the favorite choices for adventure lovers. They are persistently pushing their limits to innovate and design an expansive range of collections of products.

The working staff at The North Face will give their best service to ensure that their customers get the most satisfying shopping experience. 



This outdoor shop continues to maintain its legacy by encouraging men, women and teenagers who are passionate about exploring Mother Nature by bringing up a huge collection of outdoor wear.

Take no worries about the climate conditions, as the product purchased from this shop ensures quality, reliability and comfort at the highest. 

One of the top outdoor wear selling stores located in the UK has 928 more branches worldwide.

They work to motivate and support outdoor explorers with their product, great customer support service etc. Visit this store to check out the collection of stunning outdoor commodities. 


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If you are in search of the best advice and inspiration to start your adventure trip then must go for this place. Along with this, you can also check out their fabulous collection of footwear, snowboard, running accessories and so much more for men, women and kids. 

Not only this, you are going to get a kit list to choose from, destination guides, safety guides, training and even buying guides. The experts are available in this store to answer your queries regarding products, trips etc.

They move forward with a motto to spread the word regarding living life to its fullest by exploring new places and gaining new experiences. 


  • Elis Brigham Mountain Sports

The ultimate in outdoor clothing stores in Covent Garden. Elise Brigham has everything from outdoor clothing, sports equipment and is dedicated to cold weather sports and mountain sports.

From skiing, snowboarding, climbing and camping. So if whether you are looking for a camping shop, climbing shop or general outdoor stores in Covent Garden or even London, you cannot get better than Elise Brigham Mountain Sports.


Elis Brigham Mountain Sports Covent Garden


For those who want to go on an arduous expedition or technical hikes, this shop comes up with a unique motive. Blacks are known for providing the right type of clothing and equipment for outdoor exploration, camping etc so that the explorers enjoy their adventure wherever it takes them. 

The famous store offers its service and products online too to reach all the outdoor enthusiasts across diverse corners of the world. Blacks stand as one of the top and most reputed clothing, accessories and footwear stores on the high streets in the UK. 


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Witness the awe-inspiring compilation of the very best in Scandinavian style, chore and sustainability on the streets of London. The shop has been opened to feature everything from the latest outdoor Scandinavian brands to top-of-the-line camping gear which makes sure that you will find it as per your interest. 


They have in their stock a huge variety of tech gadgets from popular brands, camping gear and clothing. Simply this is emerging as a hub for all the camping, hiking and outdoor clothing needs in the city.

The shop also has helpful and friendly staff who are always ready to share their outdoor experience and help choose the right base camp kit. 


Are you in love with the glasses or confused to choose a frame? In either of these situations, you must visit the Oakley shop as this shop is the right solution for your frame needs. The shop offers a huge range of eyeglasses and frames of top brands in a variety of shapes, designs, styles etc. 

Also, they have a unique service of trying frames on the virtual mirror to check out whether it suits you or not. Additionally, you can look out for accessories, sportswear, and footwear in their in-store compilation.

You can go for expert advice to choose your frames. Well, all these superior quality products are available in their shop at a very affordable range. 



Among all these above-mentioned outdoor shops in Covent Garden, London you can pick any to shop from. All the outdoor shops hold their own uniqueness and quality service.

Hope, you keep up your adventurous spirit high by exploring many more new places and choosing the right clothing and equipment for your outdoor needs. 


Covent Garden Map Of Outdoor Shops


Looking for a camping shop, hiking, climbing, outdoor clothing shop or general outdoor shops in Covent Garden? We have gather a list of shops with everything you need for outdoor adventures! Looking for a camping shop, hiking, climbing, outdoor clothing shop or general outdoor shops in Covent Garden? We have gather a list of shops with everything you need for outdoor adventures!

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